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Ahh... 'tis the season to lose my mind again!

Yup, signed up to Yuletide. Picked the full 10 to write for, with some quite obscure ones.

...have started chewing my nails already.

* * * 

So - in case the lovely person writing for me wishes some extra info...

Dear Yuletide author,

A little bit more info you say? Why certainly, how else can you tell if I want something naughty or something nice? (hint: given the choice, I usually go for the naughty option…)

General likes:
First and foremost, I am a slasher. According to the statistics I’ve just pulled out of my arse, my reading is about 80% slash, followed by 10% gen, with het and femmeslash making up the last 10% in roughly equal measures. Basically this means I’ll read almost anything but if there are boys getting it on I’ll be happier.

Secondly, I’ll read almost any genre. Crack, fluff, angst, h/c, romance, horror. You make it work for you and I’ll read it. I will admit to a particular fondness for thoughtful (possibly angsty) character pieces and silly, cracky fluff though. I like some nice plot or character exploration and am equally happy with in depth prose or sparse abstraction – whatever works for you and the piece. I don’t insist on plot though because – well, PWP dude! Smut. Smut’s always good.

And thirdly (while we’re talking about smut), if you fancy writing porn take it as explicit as you’re willing to go. I don’t mind things getting a bit kinky and biting, scratching or marking are particular favourites. As are tattoos. I have a thing for tattoos. Not insisting they’re included just, you know, throwing that out there.

General not-so-likes:
*G* LOL – well, as you may have gathered, I’m pretty easy! (…no, not like that) (…ok. Like that as well…)
There’s not much that squicks me and not too much I dislike seeing in fanfiction. I do, however, have one or two turn-offs.

Things I really don’t want to read include parent/child incest (sibling incest is absolutely a-ok though) and non-con. Also not too fond of humiliation or infidelity in a main pairing relationship. Kinks wise? Pretty much anything apart from coprophilia and infantilism’s fine, though daddy!kink makes me a little uneasy.

And a random irritant in fanfiction is if the bottom of a slash pairing is made to be overly feminised and/or shrunk in height for the story (really – I’ve lost count of the stories I’ve read where the catcher is suddenly a good few inches shorter than they are on screen just so they can be delicate in contrast!)

My requests!

1) Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
This is probably my favourite album EVER and I would adore any story written about it. However, I have no idea what that story would look like so if you pick this one then you’ve got a completely free hand – surprise me!
The one vague idea I had for a prompt was the two King of Carrot Flowers songs. I always thought the two characters/singers/narrators stories were involved or linked?
Other than that two particular favourites are Two Headed Boy and O Comely.

2) Sandman
Anything goes with this one but I’m particularly interested in the less seen characters and a piece that lets me see a bit more of one of them would be amazing. Of interest, but in no real order: Despair, Delirium/Delight, Corinthian (either incarnation), Abel, Ishtar, Hobb, Matthew, Loki.

But I can’t think of anyone in the comics I wouldn’t like to hear more about so if you want to do someone else that would be awesome!

3) Sarah Rees Brennan – The Demons Lexicon
I would love to have something about Nick! Him after he’s found out what he is? Him with Alan growing up, and the subtle ways he showed what he was? Actually, something with Alan would be great.

(Also… *cough* Maybe it was just me but Nick and Alan’s relationship could be read as slashy. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing…)

4) The Fast and The Furious
Dom and Brian, people. Think of slash as nox – a thrilling thing to inject into their relationship! :D

Yeah, while I’d be interested in the other characters if you wanted to write them instead, some Dom and Brian smut would be very nice indeed!
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