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By which I mean: I am quite excited.

Hmm. I feel one bottle of wine will not be enough celebration for this. *breaks out the brandy*

Lester recap is good. Reminder of how sexy badass Ben Miller is with a submachine gun is very good. (Cutter! Nooo!)

Ooo. Intriguing primordial landscape! With atmospheric sound!

…Who is he? And why are his eyebrows so ginger?

Ah, who gives a shit – DINOSAUR!!

You may have added some plastic to the console, blue eyes, but that’s basically Connor’s anomaly setup you’ve got there.

Gingerbrow man, I do not like your tightly belted jeans but I shall forgive you, for you have a sexy Irish accent and are rather pretty.
*iz easily appeased* *would still prefer it if your jeans showed your arse off more*

…those are very distracting shoes, blue eyes. Little tip – accessorise the outfit, not your iris colour.


Gingerbrow (‘Matt’ apparently) seems to be being set up as the bastard love child of Cutter and Stephen when it comes to competency.

“Not my office!” – nice priorities there, Lester. Good to know you haven’t changed!

ABBY!! Looking good there babe! (and they still have access to eye makeup in the Cretaceous period, who knew?)

CONNOR!!!!!!! Oh, Connor; baby, sweetie – I’ve missed you so much! Let me snuggle you! …but could you wash first? (men’s grooming products not as easy to get hold of, it seems)

“I could take you anytime I like” – and despite my predilection for slash, I would pay good money to see that, Abby.

Oh, Conor honey… hanging your hopes on a tin-can anomaly device. Never mind. Console yourself with the fact that you have the makings of a very sexy eyebrow scar there.

Oooo-kaay… Anybody else thinking ‘they’re obviously really getting on each other’s tits’? Not so much ‘sexual tension’ as just ‘tension’ there.

I really like the look of the new ARC but that’s an awful lot of glass for a presumably covert organisation.
*window cleaners needing to sign the official secrets act* *just saying*

Matt and blue eyes Jess, Lester believes none of your bullshit. (HE COULD HAVE BEEN AMBASSADOR TO MOSCOW, YOU KNOW!)

“Where would be the fun in that?” *Becker fires big gun* *Matt adjusts his trousers*
So. We’re all seeing the slash potential here, right?

“Good work. Meet me in the armoury in half an hour” / “Why?” – SO YOU CAN FUCK LIKE THE PERVERTED LITTLE RABBITS YOU ARE, BECKER!!
…I mean, because some plot devices have arrived.

Awww, Abby… Shit. You’re really not coping well, are you love? “We’re not alone. We’re together” – Oh, Connor darling… that’s not enough. I don’t know who to feel worse for. Her or him.

But never mind! To take our minds off the angst we have more snarky homoerotism!
(Really, Primeval writers? REALLY?! If you’re not deliberately AIMING for us to slash them, don’t have male characters taunting each other about the effectiveness of their ‘weapons’!!) (AND DON’T HAVE BECKER DISPLAYING CROTCH SHOTS TO MATT!!!!)

yeah, yeah – abby and connor stuff – WHO CARES!! BECKER/MATT SLASH!!!
“You trust me, right?” / “Yeah. With my life.” “…You’re not going to hug me now, are you?” / “God no!” *matt looks disappointed*
…I may have found my writing inspiration for this series. Just saying.

Although… hel-looo, eyeliner man. You have been on the screen for 30 seconds and already I am imagining the many and varied filthy, filthy things that you and Lester have been getting up to!

Aaand back in the Cretaceous, Conner is going to get shagged by a raptor if he’s not careful! The shiny things aren’t worth it, mate! Run!

…but. Anomaly device! Broken anomaly device? Random shot of tin can with keys? (are they significant?)

SHINY! GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT SHINY CONNOR & ABBY! …except there’s a big, fuck-off dinosaur in the way.

Impressive & professional ARC anomaly response! Could this possibly correspond? (I’m betting yes)

Abby is being kickass! Is she going to be overshadowed by ARC response?

Abby tries to pwn dino! Is overshadowed by even bigger, fuck-off dino!!

(must confess I took time out to get drunk even drunker & to talk shit on twitter at this point. From this moment on recap should be read with this in mind)

“Don’t think we’re going to get eaten here” – that depends what you mean by that, Connor. Becker seems *awfully* glad to see you…

“Everything is going to be just fine”!?! – Have you never HEARD of dramatic irony, Abby?!?!

Ok. Lester, Becker AND myself would all like to know where the fuck Danny is.

…Don’t think you’ve made the best impression with ol’ gingerbrow there, Connor.

(But, awww – Lester! You tried with the snark but you’re just a big ball of mush really, aren’t you?)

Good to see the army guys haven’t become more competent during the break. #Connor&Abbybestealingyurcar

#stealingyurbinlorry #binmennotamused

#Beckerbestealingyurphone #&givingsartorialadvice

(Becker v concerned about his love interest colleague) (just saying)

Back seat driving not appreciated, Connor!

Becker & his guys & Matt being all manly and army like! *yum* Connor being old-skool! *yum* Matt taking charge! *yum* Becker not knowing who to be concerned about! *I’m just going to give a YAY! and a ‘YUM!’ on this whole scene, ok?*


Gingerbrows descends like a god to rescue Connor!! (We’ll ignore the fact you have to set those wires up in advance – pay no attention to the plot device above the curtain!)

As a fellow caffeine addict I approve of your obsession with coffee, Connor! But cappuccino’s are shit! Espresso’s are the way to go! Nocciolata’s if you can find them outside of Naples!

No Lester!hugs for Connor, aww…

And Lester is really *very* concerned with what’s happened to Danny, awww… *never slashed then before but considering it now*

Technology boner for Connor there, then. And an ‘oh shit’ Sarah moment for Abby. Aaaand another boner for Connor; Philip induced this time. But Abby seems to have a better grasp of what’s been going on, Connor. Perhaps you should pay attention?

Yup. Abby was on the money there. Something hinky in the state of Denmark the ARC, I feel.

And gingerbrows is up to something, it seems. *must learn to call him Matt*

…I’m sorry. There may have been more nuances there but I was distracted from underhanded goings on by the sight of topless Connor Temple. Well played, Primeval writers, well played…


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