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This is actually a rewatch as I was able to join in the squeeing on Denial for the livewatch! *g*

Does this mean I will be more sober and slightly more sensible this time round, I hear you ask? *cracks open the wine* Let’s see, shall we?

Typical man. Just snores and rolls over when you need him to possibly risk his life investigating strange noises in the night. *rolls eyes* Also – random observation, I know – but I like the fact she’s got a nose stud.

Mmm. I also like her legs. In fact, she’s amazingly attractive overall. *sigh* Pity she’s just there to introduce the very ugly, tiny dinosaur and flush it.
You’ll block your pipes doing that, pet.

ARC! Abby looking freckled and cute! Connor looking beardy – and also cute! And Matt being… rather creepy actually. Something about the softly, softly approach he’s taking in the debriefings. Like he’s going to bring out electrodes and rubber hose if he’s not happy with the answers. (Idea for a fic perhaps…)

Oi! Philip! Stop texting complaints to your makeup artist about the heavy hand with the eyeliner and concentrate on the important business of Abby and Connor staying on the team! And could you – you know – not be so fucking patronising to Lester?

…Nope. Apparently you can’t. Don’t stand for it, Lester! Break out the right hook! Break out the big gun! At least break out the sarcasm, god damnit!

“Does dawn have a ‘threshold’?” – Alright, there were subtle undertones of ‘you over-makeuped moron’ in that. Kudos.

Aww… Danny’s locker. :(

Of course Lester’s not a sentimental, squishy, soft-centred teddy bear who missed you all like burning, Abby! How dare you! It’s just that, you know – lockers are expensive. That’s why these ones are… wrapped up… in a storage room… not being used…

Also, they may be full of sticky porn. (Connor only has it because it’s collectable, ok?! …it’s the action figures he wanks over)

Connor looking for trouble? Never! (he may want to look for a different top though. The wetsuit thing is doing him no favours)

Warehouse that I’m betting bad things will happen in.

Connor… Ah, shit. I feel so bad for him here :( And Becker as well :( Some damn fine acting from both in this scene.

“You don’t know me” / “I’ve read your file” – AND AFTER THE LAST ENTRY HE WAS STUCK IN THE CRETACEOUS FOR A YEAR!! You don’t think that maybe that may have changed him a little, mmm?

Abby is so solemn now. And jumpy. And you notice how she looks round the corner like something might be waiting? Good acting and good direction – I do hope they don’t have her and Connor just bouncing back from their trauma next episode.

You see that pacing thing Monty’s doing? In zoo elephants it’s a sign of distress over the boredom of captivity. ARC folk, I kinda want to kneecap you now.

REX!!! So happy to see Abby :) (Is it my imagination, or is he paler? Possibly also a sign, ARC folk, that you shouldn’t be KEEPING THE ANIMALS IN THE FUCKING DARK! *goes to find her kneecapping gun*)

Oooh, Matt. You’re a bit of a creeper, aren’t you? (Lucky for me I find that attractive in a man :))

But not as creepy as pot-plant man. Who has no pot-plant for you this time, Matt, but who does dress to the left. (…I hate that my brain noticed that)

Warehouse of Doom! Builder who’s Doomed! Dino eats his face! *nomnomnom*

Jess lives in the pages of Designer Home, it seems. And I found her mildly annoying so far but somehow after seeing the retro telephones and her collection of tulips in individual vases I now hate her with a fiery passion. *shrugs* I never claimed my reactions made sense.

It’s DUNCAN!! YAY!! (also, eyebrow scar looking gooood there, Connor. I wish to lick it)

And there’s a run down house, but can we take a second to drool over just how freaking hot Connor is looking? So hot even the nasty blue top can’t cool it down any? We can’t? Fuck it, I’m doing it anyway. *pauses video* *goes to happy place for extended period of time*

Where were we? Ah, yes – in Duncan’s luxurious and well kept abode. Décor by Paranoiacs-R-Us apparently.

I love his hat. Someone on twitter commented that we need a pattern for this – like Firefly fans have for Jayne’s hat. I concur.

“I called your mum” – Love that line so much. But other than that this scene is terribly sad. I’m glad they decided to show some of the aftermath from previous series.

And Matt is a creeper yet again. And Jess is annoying and patronising yet again.

But OMFG! Huge lolls at the ‘girlfriend/boyfriend’ bit! Tell me they don’t read our slash – go on, tell me!

And Becker confirms neither way, you notice? AND gets pissed off when she mentions Matt. *Becker thinky thoughts: Why does the stupid bitch not notice Matt’s taken? I obviously need to suck him off in view of the security cameras next time*

“There’s hope for us all” – Oh, yes Duncan. Especially in that hat.

Abby & Connor disturbingly blasé about horrid creature kill. Duncan presumably having disturbing thoughts about their possible pillow talk.

Becker still pissed off, especially at mention of the docks. Has Matt been picking up sailors behind his back?

(Bit-part actor makes it obvious show was filmed in Ireland)

Oooh! Very ugly, tiny dinosaur not so tiny anymore! But still ugly.

Matt has a ‘come with me if you want to live’ rescue moment. CGI’s fucking ace in this. *just saying*

Why does he send Abby off – UNARMED – by herself?! I mean, the girls awesome but she’s up against an 8 foot long dino with nasty teeth. *backup needed?* *just maybe?*

Something about the way Becker stands with his hand against his mouth makes me think he’s a smoker. Mmmm, Becker smoking. After sex. With Matt. Rough and dirty up against the armoury wall. Mmmmm… *goes to happy place*

Sorry, got distracted for a moment. Meanwhile, Becker is rushing to rescue his boyfriend team leader, Abby is somehow commandeering a boat, I have watched ‘Jaws’ too many times because I expected the dino to overturn the boat and nom them all, and I’ve definitely watched ‘A-Team’ and ‘The Losers’ too many times because I now keep expecting the container ship to explode.

“And you are?” – random Irish bit-part asks the first sensible question we’ve ever had.

Matt and Connor have a brief ‘look at my jeans – don’t they accentuate my crotch?’ contest.

Ok, that reaction shot from the welder was poorly cut. Needed a couple of seconds more.

BECKER TO THE RESCUE! UTTERLY BLATANT FLIRTING!! My god, it’s like they’re encouraging us to slash them! Well… *sighs* If I must

“That was my gang” – Connor, I am now picturing you, Tom and Duncan playing ‘rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock’ over who got to decide your gang sign. I suspect this is not the cool impression you were angling for…

Some eye-fuckage there between Matt and Connor. But I shall not be swayed from my Matt/Becker OTP!

Anyone else expecting Duncan to be squished by the container there? And please, please Primeval writers – can you stop with the whole ‘highly trained army professionals stand around being useless’ thing? Connor running off unaided is just stupid.

Though it does give us a very nice shot of his arse in those tight jeans, so I forgive you. *iz shallow* *so sue me*

Aaaand then we get arse AND crotch shots. I like these jeans. I seriously approve of these jeans. My god, but Connor’s packing, isn’t he? *look. let’s just take it as read I’m a gigantic perve, ok?*

“I’m beside some red and some green containers” – Duncan, have you been moonlighting as a TomTom coder?

Redshirt army guy is nommed. Duncan and his cunning hat is not.



Never mind. Matt haz saved u. One more dead dino, Abby. Hope this doesn’t affect you in any way. *isn’t anxious about Abby being ‘the one’ in any way, oh no*

Duncan. No chance you’re going to end up in Rotterdam at all, oh no. *yes, I googled eucon.nl ports* *what of it, bitches?*

Burton being officious! Matt ‘n Lester signalling each other! LESTER PWNING BURTON WIV BUREAUCRACY! <3

(but didn’t Jess look ever-so-slightly peeved at that? Hmmm. *haz suspicions*)

“You’re *so* Indiana Jones” – not even Duncan, with his delusions, buys that one, Connor. (Does Connor have *highlights*?!)

No badge for Duncan! :(

Aaah, Connor… You are still *such* a fucking geek! I love that!

Jess – I have to agree with [livejournal.com profile] fanbitch  here. Becker is totally gay and his bringing of chocolate means *nothing*. ‘Chocolate’ prefers a more ‘Fenian’ taste, ok? *no offence meant by stereotypes there*

Lester is ‘angry’! Connor is ‘angry’! (“Disown me” – Connor agrees with my assessment of Lester as team ‘dad’!) You’re still not getting a pay rise, Connor.

Jess – please. Becker is not interested in you!! Even people who’ve been in the Cretaceous for a year can see that! But well done on those cock-blocking skills, and that *extra* bit of irritating just before the credits roll!!

Next week:

I like the look of you, anomaly lady!

“Connor, I need your help. My suit is too blue” – credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] fififolle  for that! :D

Expelliarmus!creature Matt!! - credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] lil_shepherd  for that one!

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