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My babbling about pain!slut Becker in my last Primeval recap reminded me I never got round to posting the original comment fic about him in my own lj.

So here's some pain!slutty Becker. Ages old & slightly tidied up from the original.

* * *

Algophilia - sexual arousal from pain sensations

“Captain Becker! Sir! Are you ok?”

Who was that? Becker hadn’t got all the team members names down yet, but he thought it might be Dane. He called back “I’m alright! There were only two of them that’d hatched and I’ve dealt with them. What the hell caused that cave in? It sounded like another bloody dinosaur and I thought we dealt with the parents”

He heard faint conversation and then Dane called back “We did sir. That was one of the Triceratops. It took an objection to me and Kermit and tried to ram us. We got out of the way ok but the cave entrance isn’t looking so good. There’s more rock here than we can shift though; will you be alright while we go for the others? The bloody anomaly’s interfering with the radios again”

He had a bite on his arm and Becker could feel the steady ooze of blood from where one of the hatchlings had slashed his side – bloody thing had lucked out and got under his tac-vest – but though it was both nasty and painful, he’d had enough wounds in his time that could tell he wasn’t in serious danger.

He shouted out “I’m just peachy! You go and roust Lyle off his arse and I’ll hang around here till you get back, enjoying the view”

It was hard to convey amusement in a shout, but Dane managed it “Message received sir! We’ll see you in a bit”

Becker found the cave wall in the dark and sat down against it. So. How the hell was he going to keep himself occupied now?

He flexed his hand against the gun and hissed as the sting of the bite shot up his arm. He let his legs fall apart slightly and flexed his hand again, slowly so the burn built up. He found his other hand was creeping slowly towards the wound on his side and he stilled suddenly.

He’d told himself that he wouldn’t do this anymore.

He’d obviously been lying to himself.

He let go of the weapon and unzipped his combats, slipping his bitten hand inside. Give it something better to flex around than his gun.

Becker sucked in his breath at the first touch of his fingers at the edge of the slash on his side. He stroked over the length of it – light as a feather – and felt his heart speed up at the burning rush of hurt. Oh god, that was good!

He didn’t usually need a fantasy when he did this – the sensations were enough on their own. But he found his thoughts going to something that had been on his mind since he’d read up on one of the past files. The pictures in it. The descriptions.

Tom Fleming. Connor’s friend. Bitten and infected. Eaten up from the inside – eaten away. The pictures from the cctv cameras; his eyes, Jesus. The autopsy pictures. You could actually see the path the parasite had eaten through his body, destroying his organs. He must – oh god, yes – he must have been in so much pain.

Becker was panting now; bitten hand clenched around his cock, pulling and stroking. The fingers of the other touching the wound on his side; pushing into it now – working into his flesh like… like a parasite.

Like something trying to eat him.

That was the thought that made him come – hard enough to snap his head back and whack it on the cave wall.

He sat there panting for a while, trembling with the aftershocks, before he wiped the spunk off his hand on the floor and zipped himself back up. He sucked the blood off the fingers of his other hand thoughtfully.

Now he just had to come up with an excuse to give Ditzy when the medic asked about the state of his side.

* * *

Ditzy sighed and snapped on a glove. God! Sometimes he wondered whether his team mates had any bloody sense of preservation. The usual bumps and bruises the lads got were bad enough, but he just patched them up and – generally – kept his mouth shut when he knew they could have avoided them by being a bit more careful.

Ok – he was sarcastic to them occasionally. Once or twice.

Alright – all the time. But they quickly learned that he didn’t take stupid shit lightly and, more importantly, they discovered the cold hands thing which tended to discourage folk from seeing him about non-important stuff.

That advice he’d got about sneakily putting his hands in the fridge before an examination worked beautifully.

But he had thought the new Captain would be a bit more sensible. Well, faint hope obviously, because here the stupid bugger was, sitting on his exam table, with a cut hand and a nasty looking wound on his side. He looked uncomfortable.

It was petty, but part of Ditzy that still missed Tom was a tiny bit glad about that. He quickly squashed that thought and bent to examine the more serious injury.

He frowned slightly and absentmindedly pushed Becker back and to the side to get a clearer look. The Captain hissed through his teeth as Ditzy palpitated the wound and when he looked up he saw that Becker was looking at him with an odd expression that looked fleetingly like panic. Ditzy frowned again and looked back at the man’s side.

He couldn’t quite work out what he was seeing. The lines of the cut started out clean enough at both ends but then… he put his fingers to the middle of the thing, ignoring the sharp intake of breath above him. It almost looked like someone had been investigating the wound somehow, trying to get at something. He asked absently “Did something get stuck in it? A claw or something?”

Becker’s voice was tight as he replied “No. …Actually, I mean…”

Something was off here. Ditzy looked up again and saw that Becker had high spots of colour on his cheeks and his eyes were rather dark. He was panting slightly. He couldn’t be in that much pain surely? Ditzy had read the guys medical file and although the cut looked bad he knew the man had dealt with worse. He pressed again lightly “That hurt?”

Becker actually writhed slightly and his voice was a rough hiss when he answered “Yeeessss…”

Ditzy’s brain seemed to be operating on some kind of disconnect. It was adding up all the evidence but he couldn’t quite believe the conclusion he was coming to. The high colour, the quick breath, the dilated pupils, the squirming

Apparently without his control his hand tightened on Becker’s side, fingers slipping to dig into the wound in a way that could only be near bloody agony. Becker gasped, throwing his head back and then snapping forward to curl above his own lap.

Ditzy stood upright sharply and yanked his hand away from the Captain’s side. Ignoring the man’s gasping breath and the sudden, sharp smell of bodily fluids other than blood in the exam room; he was pleased to note that his voice was normal as he said “That’s going to need some light stitches. I’ll be back in a moment”

In the supply room he leaned his head against the wall and took a couple of deep breaths. Ok, so he’d just given his CO an orgasm while giving him an exam. And the man was obviously a bit of a freak with a thing for pain. Ditzy had dealt with stranger things in his job.

What was worrying him was the fact that the image of Becker – tousled hair and dark eyes and wet, bitten lips – was now stuck in his head and he was reacting to it in a troubling way. He pushed himself back off the wall and sighed.

Never mind putting his bloody hands in the fridge, he needed an ice pack for his groin before he went out there again.


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