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In every fangirl’s life where she’s got to stand tall and lift her chin up and say:
“You know? I’ve written slash fic, I’ve written rps. I’ve written rimming and bloodplay. I’ve written mpreg, god damn it! I have written a fic on adult erotic nursing.
And I’m not ashamed of any of it.”

“Pervert and Proud, brothers and sisters! Pervert and Proud!


By which I mean, hi! I’m oddegg. You may remember me from previous posts such as… actually, apart from one or two most of my last regular posts were pretty much last fucking year – omg, what the hell have I been doing with my life? (No, seriously, if anyone has an answer for that generally I’d be much obliged)

So, since we last spoke I’ve been doing some non-fandom writing (nothing published as yet), being ill a lot (fucking immune system), pissing about on twitter a lot (it sucks you in, people!), planning & starting a lot of fics only to have the muse wander off half way through (oh, H50/HDM daemon crossover, will you ever be finished? *sad face*) and consequently despairing that I would ever find the inspiration to complete a fanfic again.

And then I watched X-Men: First Class and found my inspiration in the shape of Michael Fassbender's pretty, pretty eyes and his amazing body. ...Erm, I mean found it in interesting characters and plot, of course *shifty eyes*
(the fact that I now have an embarrassing amount of pictures of Fassbender saved on my laptop is purely coincidental, ok?)

So I’ve been playing happily in the XMFC sandbox for a couple of weeks. Both the kink memes that are running for it are putting up some fantastic prompts. Apart from the ones I’ve posted which have mainly been silly. (though I’ve been fortunate enough to have fills written for a couple which has been lovely! :)

Then I thought hey! I should probably get off my lazy arse and try to pimp out some of the writing I’ve been doing, so here’s some links below. I’m thinking about doing a recs post for some of the fantastic stuff I’ve been reading as well – anyone keen on that idea?


The one where Erik’s smile is scary and I admit my addiction to the 5x format.

The one that’s just crack. And underage drinking.

The one where Charles is a sad and creepy little boy.

Kitchen blowjob fic (AKA – William Carlos Williams is spinning in his grave somewhere and doesn’t know why)

The one where Erik’s fucked in the head AND the arse. (AKA – the masturbation using powers fic that I kinda like but no one else seems to want to read)

The mpreg one that highlights my obsession with languages. (and which is responsible for me currently writing a prequel that has boy pussy in it, god damn it)

The one that’s just shameless porn. With rimming.

The Calvin & Hobbes one that I had a shitload of fun writing.

The adult erotic nursing one. What? You thought I was kidding?

I’ve also got a couple of WIP on the meme which I was anon for but I’ve pretty much decided fuck it – I’m too lazy for that anon shit. So here they are as well.

The straight up rom-com one.
- including the ‘I am too easily persuaded to write about strippers’ sidepost

The straight up melodrama one.

And stuff that’s been written for me, ‘cos I should pimp that shit out:

The one where I was poorly and wanted bare-chested guys cuddling babies. Don’t try and tell me you’ve never felt like that.

And the collective one where we all add to an XMFC version of Skippy’s List.

It's likely I'll be adding to all of this in the near future. *goes back to researching her WIPs, her soul-bond fill and possibly that steampunk one too, humming happily*

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