Connor = Geeky Spice
Nick = Grumpy Spice
Stephen = Perky Nipples Spice
Lester = Bitchy Spice

To understand see what [personal profile] kat_lair has spotted here

God, I love this show!

(Oliver Leek = Sad Bastard Spice) 
The drugs don't work...
No, actually, for a variety of reasons I couldnt start taking the pills last night. So I had another night of sod all sleep *starts laughing hysterically*
They better bloody work when I start them tonight. Mr oddegg doesnt know how close he came to being smothered when he started snoring...

And here's fic! Which I said I'd post yesterday! Hah! (I lie like a rug)

And here's part two of your evenings Primeval-fic viewing, 'cos I haven't worked out how to HTML two separate LJ cuts onto one post yet.

If you want a job doing half-assed...

So, despite my posturing and all my ‘never, never, no-way, nuh-uh’s’ the other day, here’s more RyCon smutlets.
I really need to learn to say no to you lot…

This one's from Ryan’s POV for a change.


Right, here’s more Connor/Ryan smut. Be warned – if any plot bunnies are let loose in my fic-table patch as a result of this one I shall be forced to get Mr McGregor on their ass! 
I have other porn I should be writing you know…

A Primeval fic, which almost doesnt qualify as fandom because it's just smut-tastic PWP basically...

Title: You Can Leave Your Hat On
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing/Characters: Connor/Ryan
Rating: R? I think.
Summary: Smut – nowt more.
Word Count: 1,233
Notes/Warnings: Ok, this one was written and posted whilst drunk, um un-beta’d. So apologies for any mistakes.
Disclaimer: Do I look wealthy enough for them to be mine?

hat on... )
Ahead of the rest of the fics I should now be working on, here's a quick Primeval one I've done.
Don't worry, it's nothing like the last one - Primeval-lite if you will.

(Half the fat content of regular Primeval and none of those icky angst moments or that head-ache inducing insistence on scientific fact! Yea!)



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