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Yeah. Tiny bit of frustration there.

(Also *sheepish* thanks to everyone who was so nice about my bad mood yesterday and apologies for emoting all over you. You guys are stars set at least ten levels above the best! *smooshes*)


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There are three school boys who go part of the same way as me on my way into work in the morning and I’m finding them more and more amusing. 

They’re proper little Glasgae lads; around 11 years old, wearing as much sports wear as they can get away with under the school rules. And they’re loud and they’re boisterous and they’ve got their hair cropped short ‘intae the wood’ apart from the tallest who has a proto-mohawk-come-flattop thing going on.

And they’re complete, total slashtastic little drama queens.

Example: Boy 1 and boy 2 (who have emerged as the bff’s of the trio over time) are today scuffling and wrestling with each other. Boy 1 gets boy 2 into a headlock and exclaims “Aye! Who’s the daddy, bitch!” Boy 2 tells him (slightly muffled) to ‘get tae fuck’ and boy 1 begins knuckling his head. 

Boy 3? Gives a huge, put upon sigh and asks immensely wearily
“Will youse two just shag already? The tension’s getting unbearable”

Oh, boys!! *draws sparkly heart around all three*
I am very tempted to tell them to look me up in 8 to 10 years if they ever need a fag-hag, the little darlings.

* * * 

And speaking in an entirely non-creepy and not-dubious-at-all way of children, my book groups text tonight was ‘Novel on Yellow Paper’ by Stevie Smith for my book group and while it’s wonderful (of course it is, it’s Stevie) this particular bit is so brilliant that I’m going to have to quote it at you.
“Prunella got the children right on to the right books. You know the stuff they slop out to the little B.B.C. brattery? So wide-eyed and daisy-sweet, and solemn-young and sweet sweet smell of childhood, as Medea said, the moment she jabbed the knife into the couple of them to spite Jason. But of course they were never married. My dear, that makes all the difference. Only an emotional careerist could have run off with a foreigner and – hang the wedding. And we all know what emotional careerists are like when there are knives left lying around.”


* * *

Conversational segue on the tube I wish I'd been party to:
woman sitting down: "...because my mum was all set to marry my biological dad's second cousin but then he died of cancer..."
*tube starts up, conversation becomes inaudible due to noise, tube reaches next stop 1 minute later*
same woman: "...I'll eat Indian food at a restaurant but I don't like it as a takeaway..."



Feb. 15th, 2009 12:48 pm
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 Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] kiwi_from_hell  ! ! !

Hope you have a brill day sweetie :D

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 Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] fredbassett !!!

Hope you have a wonderful day with lots of nice treats! :)

You have angsty Lyle-centric fic coming to you but it isn't done yet (of course not, what do you think I am, competent and organised?) so in the meantime, here's an hurty-Lyle pic and a link to what I thought was an appropriate song to go with it.

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 Thank you very, very, very much to all who wished me a nice birthday!! (& apologies for being too lazy to reply to individuals)

It was indeed a nice birthday, with very nice food and nice beer. If anyone is ever in Amsterdam I heartily recommend 'Bolhoed' in the Jordaan - delicious veggi food.

* * *

I have bought a 'Watchmen' Rorschach figure and, as I gaze lovingly at it as it sits on the shelf next to my Connor, Ryan, FP!Dave, John Sheppard, Spike and Spider Jerusalem figures I have to face the fact that if the Sad-Geek Police ever come for me I will just have to hold out my wrists for the ('Law & Order', limited edition) cuffs because I have no defense. None.

The series 2 'Watchmen' figures are out March and I already have a Dr Manhattan one on reserve.

* * *

In other news: my arse hurts. And not in a good way.

Before anyone screams 'TMI!' let me add that icy cobbles + not-as-grippy-as-claimed shoes + gravity = a very unhappy coccyx. But I have Pocky sticks and coffee-flavoured coated peanuts to console me.
The peanuts are vaguely disgusting but also oddly addictive.


Jan. 28th, 2009 08:19 pm
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 HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] munchkinofdoom !!!!!

You have a fic coming to you babe, but the porn muse decided to sprinkle some extra sexin over it and so it ain't finished yet! 
In the meantime, here's a silly picture and HUGE BIG HUGS!! *Smooches you madly*
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First, I want to say a belated (and sheepish) thank you to those who've commented recently and I haven't replied. Thank you for your friendship and support and please excuse my horrendous bad manners - it's just that my last few posts have generally been done in a 'fuzzy end of the lollipop' frame of mind and I've not been fit for company afterwards. Then when my moods been a bit brighter I've been so embarassed about them I haven't known what to say.
So sorry. Thanks, and sorry - I shall try to be a better lj friend from now on.


Second - a major, MAJOR thank you to any and all who voted for me on the Numb3rs Awards!! I am so pleased to win and so happy to share the tie with the brilliant irena_adler - if you can tell a fic by the company it keeps then I'm a very lucky (and blushing) author.
And HUGE cudos and thanks to [profile] munchkinofdoom and [profile] angeliksmall for the wonderful winners buttons!! Ta guys, they shall be treasured. 


I am doing some more writing. Not my Big Bang fic *hollow laugh* and, yeah - that baby's definitely not going to be finished in time, but at least I AM writing.
At the moment it's either more depressing poetry and prose or very dark, depressing, twisted fanfic or... or very stupid and silly crack!fic based on sci-fi B movies. I think my brain's bi-polar, or I'm possibly developing split personality. Oh well; another person in my head would be company I suppose. I just hope they clean up after themselves...
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teaser by the always wonderful MUNCHKINOFDOOM!!
(Mwha mwha, sweetie)


Wow!! Some incredibly nice person (*hearts you whoever you are*) has nominated my fic Body in Motion for the 3rd round of the Numb3rs Awards!!! 

This was the very first fanfic I ever posted and its such a lovely feeling to think that someone liked it enough to remember it! Especially considering I've been MIA on the Numb3rs front for ages. 
Mmmm - I may have to get back to that Don/Charlie bondage fic I started...


Also, because I am in the mood and because its bloody funny, I direct anyone on my flist who's into Torchwood and who hasn't already seen technosage's pimping of it to go HERE and read the wonderful list of Torchwood Facts that  [personal profile] apiphilehas put together.
Add to them! They're TRUFAX people!

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Well, Happy Valentines to everyone out there.

Or alternatively Happy Horny Werewolf Day!

Partly in honour of the day, but mostly 'cos I just feel like it, here are two poems on the theme of the day - though they both take a slightly curve-ball approach to it.

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Loads of birthday wishes from all you lovely, lovely flist folk!!! 
Thank you so much - after horrible computer debacle that's really cheered me up!!

Especially munchkinofdoom's brilliant Captain Jack picture :D *has another look* *drools some more*

(Back! All of you! He's mine!)

Ahhh - 30 doesn't seem so bad when you have Jack to comfort you (oh - and mr oddegg, who got me lovely music and enabled my cop show obsession with the 1st season of The Wire!)  

Off to see silly film and eat nice food and drink nice wine soon! Yay!
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First of all, I wanted to rec a fic to you all:
In a Mirror Distorted and Indistinct by

[personal profile] felisblanco

It's Supernatural RPS and even if you don't watch the show, even if you don't like RPS, even if you don't like slash (ya freak!) PLEASE go and read it 'cos its amazing


I thought I was going to start posting my Primeval crossover again on Sunday but there has been a slight... snag. 

There I was, fic all written, timestamp epilogue almost done when a thought popped into my brain and I'm now having to check back and edit some bits because... I'm now going to be writing a follow up, parallel universe fic.
*heads desk* 
*threatens to shoot brain if it continues to mess up fics with plot bunnies like this*


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Laptop! Laptop, Laptop, LAPTOP!!!!
*runs around screaming not unlike Kermit the Frog used to*

And it works! And I managed to set it up, and upgrade the memory and set the internet connections and everything MYSELF!!! I didn't have to call my dad or my little brother or anything! (him indoors is a Mac man and knows nothing of this pc blasphemy stuff)
I'm so happy - and not a little bit proud of myself.

And now I can write and scan and photoshop and download and do the many sad, geeky databases I have planned and I think I may hyperventilate!!

And I can actually take part in my own post-comments, 'cos you lot were having far too much fun without me yesterday *g*


Today I bought this

He is called Grave Spike and he comes with a book of poetry and a cross to drape himself over, all hurty-like. Aww, poor angsty Spike *pets his little plastic head*
I bought it in honour of the new Laptop and the new Torchwood. 
And because it was on sale.
And because I have no impulse control.

I completely got the wrong date for last fluffandfold fic posting and now have till Friday! Which is good because I'm not 100% happy with my Jensen/Jared fic and this gives me editing time. I sometimes wonder if I'd do better to get a beta, but I'm such a friggin control freak that I don't like anyone reading stuff till it's finished.

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I may not have spoken much about mr oddegg here before (mainly because I'm not sure how chuffed he would be about me talking about him in a LJ that has mostly been about porn so far), and the couple of mentions so far have been about me trying not to strangle him as he snores or him putting video editing above rimming fics, but I would just like to say -
Mr oddegg is made of win.
We opened xmas presents early ('cos we're both impatient sods) and I now have three albums that I've been aching to get and we've just been discussing the general 'philosophy of everything' and when I told him a few lines of poetry I'd come up with:
"All that is,
or will ever be,
Is contained in you
And you are contained in me"

He knew exactly what I meant immediately.

12 years and we still have new stuff to say to each other.


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