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And in other news:

I now need to research other bookmarking systems because Delicious may end up screwing us all. Any suggestions?

I hate you, new twitter, with your 'hourly usage limit' and the way you keep going blank. Fuck you!! Fuck you sideways with something spiky. :(

Am tweaking my Yuletide entry and panicking increasingly because I fear the recipient is going to hate the entire concept :( :(

Captain Beefheart died!! :,(  :,(  :,(  :,(

Realised that when Primeval 4 airs on January 1st I'll be stuck on a fucking train up from the Midlands!!!
....there are not enough negative emoticons in the world, quite frankly.
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 Thank you very, very, very much to all who wished me a nice birthday!! (& apologies for being too lazy to reply to individuals)

It was indeed a nice birthday, with very nice food and nice beer. If anyone is ever in Amsterdam I heartily recommend 'Bolhoed' in the Jordaan - delicious veggi food.

* * *

I have bought a 'Watchmen' Rorschach figure and, as I gaze lovingly at it as it sits on the shelf next to my Connor, Ryan, FP!Dave, John Sheppard, Spike and Spider Jerusalem figures I have to face the fact that if the Sad-Geek Police ever come for me I will just have to hold out my wrists for the ('Law & Order', limited edition) cuffs because I have no defense. None.

The series 2 'Watchmen' figures are out March and I already have a Dr Manhattan one on reserve.

* * *

In other news: my arse hurts. And not in a good way.

Before anyone screams 'TMI!' let me add that icy cobbles + not-as-grippy-as-claimed shoes + gravity = a very unhappy coccyx. But I have Pocky sticks and coffee-flavoured coated peanuts to console me.
The peanuts are vaguely disgusting but also oddly addictive.
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Whyfor do you hate me, internet connection? Whyfor do you cut out and leave me for days, then swan back into my life without explanation for your absence? Haven't I always been good to you baby? Haven't I spent literally hours roaming all over you? Haven't I looked at pictures of things that have scarred my brain for LIFE for you? Whyfor ya gotta treat me like this?


And, as well as my erstwhile dear buggering off and leaving me, I have also had to deal with something that made me want to smash my head against the nearest concrete surface – you know Schrödinger's Bat? You know how it was finished? You know I was posting it? Yeah... 
You know how other people's computers will sometimes infect your data key and corrupt all the data? 

*completely hysterical laughter*

Yes. I am now in the position of trying to paste this fic back together from various drafts and remember how the large amount that I hadn't got backed up elsewhere went. (I am backing up at every third fucking keystroke from now on – I lost other stuff as well and have spent a few days in a VERY bad mood.)

So this one is on hiatus AGAIN, and I'm seriously starting to think it doesn't want to be told at all. I'm not even going to speculate when it'll be up, though I do have time to work on it so hopefully soon. Teach me to post it all the second it's finished next time.

Really, words cannot express how hacked off I am about this. Happy frickin Birthday to me :(

In the meantime, here's the rimming extract, which was saved elsewhere (thank you fredbasset! If it wasn't for puppy peeing on the carpet that bit would probably have gone as well!). I'm gonna post this because I thought some of you might reach through the internet and strangle me otherwise :)


I've been catching up on the comment porn thread that fred started and there's some brilliant stuff on there. I am most upset that I didn't get to play.

And I was going to introduce you all to the wonders of Oliver Leek porn *sulks*

(no, not really! I'm not that twisted)


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None of my frickin fics are behaving themselves.
I try to write nice, straightforward porn held up by a barely-there lattice of plot and the fic twists and turns like a damned twisty-turny thing and I end up with fiction that contains too much plot (sometimes more than one plot at a time!) and characters that whisper amongst themselves and snicker and point and laugh at my pathetic attempts to get them to fuck. Sometimes they murmer about no-nudity clauses in their contracts.
I may have to kill them all and let god sort them out.


Happy New Year all, BTW!
I have been AWOC (absent without computer) for the whole of the holidays so I am very slowly catching up with my flist and fic comms. And with my non-cooperative porn.


Warren Ellis reworks the Laws of Robotics (http://www.warrenellis.com/?p=5426) *snicker*
Ah, man - so good. And would have made 'I, Robot' a much more interesting film; maybe then Will Smith would have been stomped like a bug by Sonny/fucked to death by Japanese bicycle perverts and could have been prevented from making the travesty that is 'I Am Legend'? One can only dream.
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And in other news - drugs are crap.
I thought the point of sleeping pills was to, you know, make you sleep? Not do bugger all about the fact you're awake all night BUT make you dopey the next day.

Am so beyond tired its starting to be amusing. I'm just waiting for someone to introduce themself as Tyler Durban on the tube now - maybe if we blow up a financial district I'll be able to get some sleep? (though not if it means going anywhere near Helen Bonham Carter, even with a specially emo, black-painted barge pole I'm not touching that)

But in good news I think I've started a friend on the slippery slope to fandom! We were discussing tv shows and books and talk got onto Harry Potter; I told her about some of the fanfiction I'd read and gave her some links to good Snarry ones. I may have briefly mentioned Wincest and Eppescest as well.

Her: well, I'll have a look but I dont see whats so good about two guys getting it on.
Me: *evil cackle* Oh, you will, my pretty, you will!

OK, I may have left off the 'my pretty' and I didn't threaten to get my flying monkey's (even though, cool! - flying monkey's!)


Nov. 13th, 2007 11:08 am
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I've had a bit of a bad week. Or couple of weeks really.

Sleep deprivation has meant that I’ve been going round in a daze – with my brain not working right and an increasing sense of unreality creeping up on me.

I was meant to be working on fics. I was meant to be posting bloody fics on rounds_of_kink and I just couldn’t get my mind to co-operate.

Realised I might not be 100% well when I started crying at work.


Feeling a bit better today and I’m working on my fics. Everything’s gonna be late but, meh, what can you do?




And something I found funny - someone should come up with a slasher's version. 
Not me though. I'm still working on my Edward Lear parody.

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Goddamit! I've just realised I've missed Family Guy!

And it was 'Perfect Castaway'!
The one were they play 'I Never' and Quagmire drinks to ‘…giving a reach around to a spider monkey while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance’!

...ah well, there's always Blockbuster.


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