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I put my user-name in google just now (because I’m very sad ok? Also bored – see below) and it turns out that back in June one of my music.blog posts was quoted in a Guardian article!!!


I can now die happy – hemp-chewing, sandal-wearing Grauniad reader that I am.


Also, someone called bethannsen has every one of my RyCon fics bookmarked at del.icio.us. Which is both rather surprising and immensely flattering. *waves at you*


“This is your LJ captain speaking. I see from my googling that we’ve picked up a hitchhiker. Hello, whoever you are! I just wanted to say that you are extremely welcome! I did sod all to get where I am today and I became a slasher-fic writer in order to encourage degenerate freeloaders like myself. I have sent out a search party and when they find you they will feed you tea and cookies! If you’re very lucky I’ll give you an rps fic filled with poetry first.”


Or just plagiarise obscure bits from Hitchhikers’ Guide at you. One or the other.


Oh, and whoever you are, I’ve nicked a load of your rec’s m’kay? *g*

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Just been musing on life, the universe and everything - 
or rather, my life, my job and the fact I'm so freaking bored at the moment I'm contemplating killing myself just for something to do.

The last time I was this bored in a job thoughts about burning the shop I worked in down so I wouldnt have to go in the next day started popping into my head. 
I quit the day I found myself looking at the gap underneath the fire-door and thinking "I could pour petrol under there from outside, stuff newspaper through and set fire to it. Then I could sleep in tomorrow"
If I could have guaranteed one particular arsehole of a colleague got trapped inside I might just have done it.

You know its time to leave when felony arson & murder starts looking like the sensible option. 


I was set on the path of thinking about boring jobs from reading [personal profile] notthequiettype's J2 AU/Clerks story 'The Incredible True Story of Two Clerks In Love'. So bloody funny - really, do read it (don't be drinking while you do though - you get that nose-snort thing otherwise. Not pretty)

And I suppose that's one good thing about this job - quiet office and desk with back to the wall + no checking of internet usage means I can read porn when I have nothing else to do...


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