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( Jan. 11th, 2011 08:06 pm)
Here, have some random Inception crack I posted in a meme last night.

*shrugs* Yeah, I don't know what going on in it either.

*goes back to writing Primeval/Inception crossover*

you are waiting for the crazy... )
So – this piece has been languishing around for a while, but I’ve just been chatting to fredbassett and she inspired me to finish it. It’s a complete piece of crack!fic and was kinda inspired by the phrase, or variants of, that so many (including myself) use to sign off their fics sometimes – ‘I’m going to hell for this’
Sweeties, you don’t know how wrong you are.
I’m wondering whether to post this somewhere, but where would it go? Who would be crazy enough to take it? And would that site’s readers hunt me down en mass to fit me for a long-sleeved white jacket and a padded cell for one? Or would they be more likely to tar, feather and bludgeon me to death whilst screaming as a chorus “We don’t accept you! No more shite! gooble gobble!” like some Bizarro fandom version of ‘Freaks’?
Find out in next weeks exciting new episode….


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