A Supernatural Gen fic for anyone interested.

I've been getting my Sam and Dean on lately and although I have a couple of nice, plotless pieces of angst-free fluff in the works, most of my ideas involve my mind going to the bad place. The dark place. The place that scares me a little. Including this one I'm afraid. 
Still, its not as bad as one of the others I've got planned! *gives reassuring smile* *then realises that's not actually a reassuring statement*



Bastard. Bloody. Modem.

I meant to post this last night, right after the other one. And all I can say in my defense is - 

Bastard. Bloody. Modem.

Another [community profile] rounds_of_kink claim. Harry Potter fandom with extreme warnings.

I am a very, very bad fic-claimer. Bad me. Bad, bad me! No biscuit!

Right. So I’m a complete moron and didn’t post my last two [info]rounds_of_kink claims on time.
*smacks self about a bit*

But it worked out ok in the end because the stories are actually related and I can link them together!
And this was, of course, entirely a huge fluke part of my cunning plan.
*is cunning*

Really, these ones were a bitch to write for some reason. I'm obviously not as kinky as I thought. *shrugs*

First one below, second one up in a bit.

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( Oct. 5th, 2007 10:00 pm)
Ok, here's my first fic for the Primeval fandom.

I had planned to do something a bit cute and cuddly - you know, like Rex, but it kind of turned out to be a Velociraptor. But anyhoo, it's for fredbasset, with apologies if it's not your sort of thing.



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