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Oh jeebus… *facepalm*
I had what I thought was the funniest idea this morning.
Doing a really cracky, CW-RPS version of ‘Geek Love’ by Katherine Dunn.

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The bit where Jack and John (who, fuck it, I shall continue to call Spike) where fighting and Jack sticks out his tongue and throws his arms out?
I WANT AN ICON OF THAT! Or a screencap so I can make an icon of it myself!

Otherwise? Best episode EVER!

Jack: I worked my way up through the ranks

Spike: I bet the ranks were very grateful.


NB - and there was rooftopness for Jack! entangled_now FTW!!


Jan. 13th, 2008 03:37 am
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Primeval S2ep1.

Nick: I could kiss you, Connor.
Connor: That's really sweet, but maybe not while everyone's watching, eh?

Tell me the producers aren't reading our fics. GO ON, TELL ME!!!

Also, I want a radio controlled Cretaceous era raptor. And Nick's coat in the last scene.
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"Pessimism is just an ugly word for pattern recognition."

I can't get near the computer at home. And so I've replied to no comments, not caught up with my flist or fic-comms and have been scribbling my fics out, long-hand in my garrett (ok, living room)

I am going to post my [profile] fluffandfoldprompt fic by Monday, because that's the deadline and I'm NOT going to be late this time, damnit! But... I'm not going to be posting any more Primeval vamp!fic for at least two weeks *ducks and hides*

Sorry about this, but it's been playing up so much that I've decided not to post until it's finished. Then I can re-work if the plot twists demand it. It's getting a bit long...
There will also be an epilogue (which is kind of done already. I always work ass-backwards) and I've done a stand-alone interlude which is het! Yes, I wrote het people!

Next week I will have my laptop and wont have to rely on mr oddegg's computer!!! 
*does happy 'I can now write rimming fic to my hearts content' dance* 


(to the tune of the conga)
Torchwood, Torchwood, Torchwood! 
Torchwood next week, Torchwood!
La, la-la-la, Ha! La, la-la-la, Ha!

Captain Jack and Spike?! Kissing?!!!
I may have to watch clutching a spare pair of knickers.


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