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teaser by the always wonderful MUNCHKINOFDOOM!!
(Mwha mwha, sweetie)


Wow!! Some incredibly nice person (*hearts you whoever you are*) has nominated my fic Body in Motion for the 3rd round of the Numb3rs Awards!!! 

This was the very first fanfic I ever posted and its such a lovely feeling to think that someone liked it enough to remember it! Especially considering I've been MIA on the Numb3rs front for ages. 
Mmmm - I may have to get back to that Don/Charlie bondage fic I started...


Also, because I am in the mood and because its bloody funny, I direct anyone on my flist who's into Torchwood and who hasn't already seen technosage's pimping of it to go HERE and read the wonderful list of Torchwood Facts that  [personal profile] apiphilehas put together.
Add to them! They're TRUFAX people!

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Don't give them ideas!! (I'm not a man hater, I just find the species amusing...)



It's snowing! Yay!! 
It's stopped.

No snow day for me. *sulks*


And finally...

...it would be funny if it wasn't true. 
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Connor = Geeky Spice
Nick = Grumpy Spice
Stephen = Perky Nipples Spice
Lester = Bitchy Spice

To understand see what [personal profile] kat_lair has spotted here

God, I love this show!

(Oliver Leek = Sad Bastard Spice) 
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None of my frickin fics are behaving themselves.
I try to write nice, straightforward porn held up by a barely-there lattice of plot and the fic twists and turns like a damned twisty-turny thing and I end up with fiction that contains too much plot (sometimes more than one plot at a time!) and characters that whisper amongst themselves and snicker and point and laugh at my pathetic attempts to get them to fuck. Sometimes they murmer about no-nudity clauses in their contracts.
I may have to kill them all and let god sort them out.


Happy New Year all, BTW!
I have been AWOC (absent without computer) for the whole of the holidays so I am very slowly catching up with my flist and fic comms. And with my non-cooperative porn.


Warren Ellis reworks the Laws of Robotics (http://www.warrenellis.com/?p=5426) *snicker*
Ah, man - so good. And would have made 'I, Robot' a much more interesting film; maybe then Will Smith would have been stomped like a bug by Sonny/fucked to death by Japanese bicycle perverts and could have been prevented from making the travesty that is 'I Am Legend'? One can only dream.
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EVERYONE has to go look at this post by [personal profile] silentflux 

Seriously, it's hilarious and I may have to try and do a Primeval one. 

Dance for me fandom! Dance!!


Nov. 13th, 2007 11:08 am
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I've had a bit of a bad week. Or couple of weeks really.

Sleep deprivation has meant that I’ve been going round in a daze – with my brain not working right and an increasing sense of unreality creeping up on me.

I was meant to be working on fics. I was meant to be posting bloody fics on rounds_of_kink and I just couldn’t get my mind to co-operate.

Realised I might not be 100% well when I started crying at work.


Feeling a bit better today and I’m working on my fics. Everything’s gonna be late but, meh, what can you do?




And something I found funny - someone should come up with a slasher's version. 
Not me though. I'm still working on my Edward Lear parody.


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