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The bit where Jack and John (who, fuck it, I shall continue to call Spike) where fighting and Jack sticks out his tongue and throws his arms out?
I WANT AN ICON OF THAT! Or a screencap so I can make an icon of it myself!

Otherwise? Best episode EVER!

Jack: I worked my way up through the ranks

Spike: I bet the ranks were very grateful.


NB - and there was rooftopness for Jack! entangled_now FTW!!
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Laptop! Laptop, Laptop, LAPTOP!!!!
*runs around screaming not unlike Kermit the Frog used to*

And it works! And I managed to set it up, and upgrade the memory and set the internet connections and everything MYSELF!!! I didn't have to call my dad or my little brother or anything! (him indoors is a Mac man and knows nothing of this pc blasphemy stuff)
I'm so happy - and not a little bit proud of myself.

And now I can write and scan and photoshop and download and do the many sad, geeky databases I have planned and I think I may hyperventilate!!

And I can actually take part in my own post-comments, 'cos you lot were having far too much fun without me yesterday *g*


Today I bought this

He is called Grave Spike and he comes with a book of poetry and a cross to drape himself over, all hurty-like. Aww, poor angsty Spike *pets his little plastic head*
I bought it in honour of the new Laptop and the new Torchwood. 
And because it was on sale.
And because I have no impulse control.

I completely got the wrong date for last fluffandfold fic posting and now have till Friday! Which is good because I'm not 100% happy with my Jensen/Jared fic and this gives me editing time. I sometimes wonder if I'd do better to get a beta, but I'm such a friggin control freak that I don't like anyone reading stuff till it's finished.


Jan. 13th, 2008 03:37 am
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Primeval S2ep1.

Nick: I could kiss you, Connor.
Connor: That's really sweet, but maybe not while everyone's watching, eh?

Tell me the producers aren't reading our fics. GO ON, TELL ME!!!

Also, I want a radio controlled Cretaceous era raptor. And Nick's coat in the last scene.


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