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What is it about slash fiction that attracts me? Seriously.


Because, whilst I may be occasionally attracted to certain types of female – Zoe from Firefly and Willow from BtVS spring to mind – and might not be averse to experimentation if I didn’t have mr oddegg, I am, really, pretty heterosexual. Straight with a bit of a warp you might say.


So why does the idea of two guys together cream my pants? (and I realise this is probably far, FAR more information than you wanted).

Because I hardly read any het fic at all nowadays, it’s all guy-on-guy, and I’ve never even tried to write het. Also, if it’s possible within a fandom to have a slash pairing that just has that edge of wrong to it – Snarry for instance, or characters you wouldn’t really want to imagine naked, or real life pairings or my favourite yummy incest – then I am all over that like white on rice. Christ, one of my favourite recent fics was Supernatural’s Dean shagging his brother who was possessed by the spirit of their car!!

I have a much greater forbearance for the whole hetero-male lesbian fascination now. At least that’s fairly normal.




I have been watching Smallville (what?! Don’t look at me in that tone of voice) and though I’m valiantly resisting the urge to write Lex slash I have developed a fascination with Michael Rosenbaum (to go with my Chad Michael Murray obsession).


There’s just something about that upper lip scar that makes my mind go to nastybadwrong places. And I now have an idea for a Mike/Tom Welling PWP with Tom being a bit of a psycho. And I don’t want to write it ‘cos there’s the fun nastybadwrong place and there’s the disturbing, sociopathic nastybadwrong place and I have a feeling this one would fall on the ‘I like eating human eyeballs’ side of that line.

*looks sadly at brain*

I don’t like it when my mind goes to that place. 

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Bastard. Bloody. Modem.

I meant to post this last night, right after the other one. And all I can say in my defense is - 

Bastard. Bloody. Modem.

Another [community profile] rounds_of_kink claim. Harry Potter fandom with extreme warnings.

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So – I’ve not finished any more of the fics I’m working on, but looking at picspam ‘inspired’ me to put together this little tribute (e.g. – I was bored and this was a washing-up avoidance tactic).


I do love my web-comics, and one particular beauty is Chopping Block (www.choppingblock.org), the everyday life and times of Butch: Serial Killer.


I don’t know what it says about me that I like this sort of thing (ok, I do know what it says – and by the way you’re slowly backing away, gentle LJ reader, I can tell you do too), but what can I say?


Severed kitten heads make me smile.




Just a stray thought – but I hate Microsoft Word.

What is the point of having a ‘paste special’ facility if when you pick supposedly ‘formatted text’ it changes random sections to Times New Roman pt.12?


Anyhoo – here’s comicspam



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