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I am totally grinning like a mad thing at the moment because I GOT FANART FOR MY XMFC/CALVIN & HOBBES FIC!!!!!


It's by [livejournal.com profile] ratcreature which makes it even more awesome because I've known that name for ages for the great fanrecs and utterly fantastic art.

*honestly tearing up* I love it so much!!!

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In every fangirl’s life where she’s got to stand tall and lift her chin up and say:
“You know? I’ve written slash fic, I’ve written rps. I’ve written rimming and bloodplay. I’ve written mpreg, god damn it! I have written a fic on adult erotic nursing.
And I’m not ashamed of any of it.”

“Pervert and Proud, brothers and sisters! Pervert and Proud!


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Title: Schrödinger’s Bat: Chapter 6
Fandom: Primeval/BtVS crossover
Pairing: Connor/Ryan
Rating: NC-17 for this chapter and overall
Summary: Back at the base, showers are wonderful and so are other things.
Word Count: 2,253
Disclaimer: All your characters are belong to me. (Except they don’t. I weep about that daily. And then write more porn about them)
Notes: Lyle belongs to fredbassett. Rob belongs to me.

Other parts can be found here:
prologue (of sorts) : Chapter 1 : Chapter 2 : Chapter 3 : Chapter 4 : Chapter 5

Chapter 6 – “It’s only dirty if you’re doing it right” )

Chapter 6 – “It’s only dirty if you’re doing it right” )

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Title: Schrödinger’s Bat: Chapter 5
Fandom: Primeval/BtVS crossover
Pairing: Connor/Ryan
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter, NC-17 eventually overall
Summary: If you go down to the woods today, beware of a 'big, red, 'orned bastard'
Word Count: 2,903
Disclaimer: All your characters are belong to me. (Except they don’t. I weep about that daily. And then write more porn about them)
Notes: Lyle and other members of Team Ryan belong to fredbassett. Rob belongs to me.

Other parts can be found here: prologue (of sorts) : Chapter 1 : Chapter 2 : Chapter 3: Chapter 4

Chapter 5 – Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you. )
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Title: Schrödinger’s Bat: Chapter 4
Fandom: Primeval/BtVS crossover
Pairing: Connor/Ryan
Rating: R for this chapter, NC-17 eventually
Summary: Research, more research, sarcasm and guns. (Plus PORN! Frickin finally!)
Word Count: 2,177
Disclaimer: All your characters are belong to me. (Except they don’t. I weep about that daily. And then write more porn about them)
Notes: Lyle belongs to fredbassett. Rob belongs to me.

Other parts can be found here: prologue (of sorts) : Chapter 1 : Chapter 2 : Chapter 3

Chapter 4 – “I don’t delegate responsibility. I delegate blame” )

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 In reponse to lukadreaming’s posting of this: http://community.livejournal.com/primeval_denial/174108.html, I decided to write a Primeval/Bond Sanctuary ficlet *veg*

 I intended to post this last night. However, I also intended it to be a short, porny drabble like thing and now it’s 3,822 words long and it tried to develop plot. I held it off at backstory but it kind of got away from me *glares at recalcitrant fic*

* * *

Behind door number 3…
A Hart/Ryan/Bond Sanctuary story, NC-17

SGA ficlet

Sep. 1st, 2008 07:34 pm
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I am currently sorting out my very messy writing file on the computer (and why, exactly, do I have 5 identical drafts of the same fic saved? No, I don't know either) and I found this SGA crack-ficcy I knocked off a couple of weeks ago. 

It's a bit disjointed and messy, but I'm busy finishing Primeval fic (and may have something to post by the end of the week, but you've heard that one before) and I can't be arsed doing anything else to it, so I thought I'd post it.

Can't you just feel the artistic integrity people?

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Well, I read all the Primeval Sanctuary fics and I thought 'What a brilliant idea!' (and I must remember to add it onto the Idiots Guide) and then... well, then I had an idea for a little Sanctuary ficlet of my own. A really evil idea.
Before anyone protests, let me assure you that I WAS going to spare you all, but mysteriousaliwz FORCED me to post it. So if you want someone to blame... *points in mysteriousaliwz' direction*
(Blame Tag! Fun for all the fandom!)
So here - have a ficlet!

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 So this? *points to subject line* is schmoop. And CW-rps schmoop at that.

Title: A Fish Called Douche-bag

Author: oddegg

Rating: R

Pairing: Chris Kane/Chad Michael Murray

Word count: 3,578

Summary: Chad and Chris are married. They have 2 kids. There are problems with fish.

Disclaimer: Amazingly enough, this is not true. Though Chad really is nice to children and buys them toys for Christmas. Yay for Chad! \o/

A/N: I started writing this a while ago from a stolen fluffandfold prompt. It’s for wendy and for kalimai, but most of all it’s for azewewish, who bribed me to finish it with porn! *grin*  

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teaser by the always wonderful MUNCHKINOFDOOM!!
(Mwha mwha, sweetie)


Wow!! Some incredibly nice person (*hearts you whoever you are*) has nominated my fic Body in Motion for the 3rd round of the Numb3rs Awards!!! 

This was the very first fanfic I ever posted and its such a lovely feeling to think that someone liked it enough to remember it! Especially considering I've been MIA on the Numb3rs front for ages. 
Mmmm - I may have to get back to that Don/Charlie bondage fic I started...


Also, because I am in the mood and because its bloody funny, I direct anyone on my flist who's into Torchwood and who hasn't already seen technosage's pimping of it to go HERE and read the wonderful list of Torchwood Facts that  [personal profile] apiphilehas put together.
Add to them! They're TRUFAX people!

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A Supernatural Gen fic for anyone interested.

I've been getting my Sam and Dean on lately and although I have a couple of nice, plotless pieces of angst-free fluff in the works, most of my ideas involve my mind going to the bad place. The dark place. The place that scares me a little. Including this one I'm afraid. 
Still, its not as bad as one of the others I've got planned! *gives reassuring smile* *then realises that's not actually a reassuring statement*



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Ok, here we are, as promised yesterday, the next bit of the Primeval vamp!fic. 
(LJ has no objections to OpenOffice today - dunno what happened last night)

Chapter 3 )
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Second part of the dino/vamp fic. 
Still a tame rating for this as the plot's getting in the way, but you know the saying:
"The fics of oddegg grind slowly, but they porn exceedingly smutty" 

Or something like that...

Chapter 2 )
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Finally the next bit of the Primeval/BtVS crossover - inspired by [personal profile] byrons_brain's desire for vamp!fic. 

It's rather late (everyone: no, really? you shock us) but it all went a bit quantum on me. 
This is just a little taster to start with but there will be more and soon, if only to keep [personal profile] fredbassett from sporking me (though the cookies were nice, pet)

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A little drabble for number 10 on [Bad username or unknown identity: silentflux's wishlist.]
It's J2 and R'ish? Possibly? (I'm crap at this rating business)

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The drugs don't work...
No, actually, for a variety of reasons I couldnt start taking the pills last night. So I had another night of sod all sleep *starts laughing hysterically*
They better bloody work when I start them tonight. Mr oddegg doesnt know how close he came to being smothered when he started snoring...

And here's fic! Which I said I'd post yesterday! Hah! (I lie like a rug)

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Here's my latest posting for the [info]rounds_of_kink claims.

On time people! On time!

Ok, you might not be as excited about that as I am. But as I've been disgustingly late with my last two I feel I'm entitled to some exuberance.

It's Harry Potter/Percy Weasley, btw.

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Bastard. Bloody. Modem.

I meant to post this last night, right after the other one. And all I can say in my defense is - 

Bastard. Bloody. Modem.

Another [community profile] rounds_of_kink claim. Harry Potter fandom with extreme warnings.

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I am a very, very bad fic-claimer. Bad me. Bad, bad me! No biscuit!

Right. So I’m a complete moron and didn’t post my last two [info]rounds_of_kink claims on time.
*smacks self about a bit*

But it worked out ok in the end because the stories are actually related and I can link them together!
And this was, of course, entirely a huge fluke part of my cunning plan.
*is cunning*

Really, these ones were a bitch to write for some reason. I'm obviously not as kinky as I thought. *shrugs*

First one below, second one up in a bit.

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This is my first rps and it stars the lovely boys from Supernatural – Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.


It hasn’t gone quite as planned actually.

I intended it to be a short, smutty, Jensen centered PWP but despite my best efforts it is instead plot filled schmoop with Jared POV – it’s also the longest thing I’ve posted so far! I did manage to keep some sex in there, but only by the skin of my teeth.


I don’t know, you try to raise them right…

*shakes finger at fic and sends it to sit on the naughty step*


So, anyhoo, here we are; oddegg and overtaxed brain proudly present the fruit of their loins – posted in separate parts and then linked together, because it's too big and I can NOT get LJ to co-operate with linking the cuts. Bastards.


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