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teaser by the always wonderful MUNCHKINOFDOOM!!
(Mwha mwha, sweetie)


Wow!! Some incredibly nice person (*hearts you whoever you are*) has nominated my fic Body in Motion for the 3rd round of the Numb3rs Awards!!! 

This was the very first fanfic I ever posted and its such a lovely feeling to think that someone liked it enough to remember it! Especially considering I've been MIA on the Numb3rs front for ages. 
Mmmm - I may have to get back to that Don/Charlie bondage fic I started...


Also, because I am in the mood and because its bloody funny, I direct anyone on my flist who's into Torchwood and who hasn't already seen technosage's pimping of it to go HERE and read the wonderful list of Torchwood Facts that  [personal profile] apiphilehas put together.
Add to them! They're TRUFAX people!

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God, thank you again to everyone for birthday wishes and commiserations on computer troubles but, really – never mind that, I've now read the porn comment thread extract that fred sent me and Oh. My. God.

Oliver Leek porn! Leek!porn was written!!! Aaaaaaaa-haaaaaa-haaaaaaa-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

You are sick. Sick and twisted. You need help.
I'm so proud to call you friends! *wipes away a tear*


I watched taped Jools Holland last night. I now want to read Radiohead bandslash with Tom York and the one with black hair and the weird jaw. 
You may understand this better if I explain that I want it in the same way that I wanted Primeval Oliver Leek!porn (ah-ha-ha! Still can't get over that!) or in the way that I read Top Gear slash. With huge amounts of self disgust and loathing, and a side order of 'Jesus Christ! My brain! It's burns! It burns like hygiene!'

(and none of you will get the 'hygiene' bit unless you've also seen this . Ah, SomethingPositive – amusing me and then squicking the shit out of me and making me choke on coffee since 2001. You really are much better drawn nowadays though)


And then I watched the original Batman and now I want to read Supernatural RPS AU slash casting Jared Padalecki as Batman and Jensen Ackles as Robin. Come on! It'd be funny!!

'Holy Padackle cakes Jared! This sex!pollen is making us – do – things to each other! Thank Damn that Eric Kripke Joker!'


Jan. 13th, 2008 03:37 am
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Primeval S2ep1.

Nick: I could kiss you, Connor.
Connor: That's really sweet, but maybe not while everyone's watching, eh?

Tell me the producers aren't reading our fics. GO ON, TELL ME!!!

Also, I want a radio controlled Cretaceous era raptor. And Nick's coat in the last scene.
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There is too much information in the world; too much to keep track of.

The proof?


I went to Forbidden Planet and now have in my hot little hand Warren Ellis’ debut novel Crooked Little Vein. It’s been out since July and I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HE WAS WRITING IT!!!


I obviously haven’t been looking at www.warrenellis.com enough.


First sentence: I opened my eyes to see the rat taking a piss in my coffee mug


There is not enough squee in the world to express how excited I am about reading this.




I have been listening to Neutral Milk Hotel’s album ‘In The Aeroplane Over The Sea’ pretty much on continuous repeat for the past week and I’m still not tired of it.

They have done more and I must acquire them *nods solemnly*

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I put my user-name in google just now (because I’m very sad ok? Also bored – see below) and it turns out that back in June one of my music.blog posts was quoted in a Guardian article!!!


I can now die happy – hemp-chewing, sandal-wearing Grauniad reader that I am.


Also, someone called bethannsen has every one of my RyCon fics bookmarked at del.icio.us. Which is both rather surprising and immensely flattering. *waves at you*


“This is your LJ captain speaking. I see from my googling that we’ve picked up a hitchhiker. Hello, whoever you are! I just wanted to say that you are extremely welcome! I did sod all to get where I am today and I became a slasher-fic writer in order to encourage degenerate freeloaders like myself. I have sent out a search party and when they find you they will feed you tea and cookies! If you’re very lucky I’ll give you an rps fic filled with poetry first.”


Or just plagiarise obscure bits from Hitchhikers’ Guide at you. One or the other.


Oh, and whoever you are, I’ve nicked a load of your rec’s m’kay? *g*

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I love this place but it weird’s me out sometimes.

Last month, just after commenting on the slashability of the Petrelli brothers from Heroes, I saw two guys on the tube that looked quite like them. Not dead on but enough that because they were sitting next to each other you noticed it.

Today on my way to work on the tube, right after posting the Ryan/Connor fic last night, I saw their doppelgangers!
And yes, these guys were again sat right next to each other and a pre-disposition of the sub-conscious towards the archetype could mean even a slight resemblance would do, but really, this time the likeness was uncanny.
The Connor wasn’t quite as accurate – short hair and face a bit thinner, but the Ryan? My hand to god – Exact. Double.
Mouth, eyes, hair, jaw – everything the same. I think I freaked the guy out staring. The only reason I decided it wasn’t actually Mark Wakeling was because as far as I know he’s not got body-modification ear plugs in both ears.

Well, I have thought long and hard about these two occurrences and have decided there is only one rational explanation.

I am developing the psychic power to manifest my slash characters physically.

And I’m getting more accurate at it.

The next logical step hit me at once. I must now spend all my time chanting ‘Don and Charlie, Don and Charlie’ until those two turn up, whereupon I will lock them somewhere secure for closer study.

Because, of course, I could only ever use my new superhuman talent for good. ::smirk::

- and don’t worry, I’ll take pictures for you guys : ) 


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