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Me and the baristas at the coffee shop I frequent on my way to work have what I like to think of as the perfect relationship: they look young and pretty and make me lovely, lovely caffeine drinks – I stand there half awake and gaze in a slightly unfocused way at the pretty while it’s making me my red-eye, heart-attack-in-a-cup and then drink the wonderful elixir they hand me.
(Though frankly, at that time in the morning I’d drink hemlock if it had caffeine in it. ‘Not a morning person’ is an understatement, believe me)

Today’s service was rather slower than usual but this did give me extra time to perve on the brand new pretty-pretties; 2 new guys who look faintly like the main cast of bbc’s Merlin and whom I promptly dubbed Colin and Bradley and took as a sign that God wants me to read more Merlin RPS.
(I have, reluctantly and with a heavy sigh, started on that already. After all, I don’t want to offend Him)

The ears on ‘Colin’ didn’t stick out enough and ‘Bradley’ looked like he was aiming for Zac Efron hair – not a good thing, btw – but they were nice ornaments to look at while trying not to fall asleep on my feet. I still prefer the girl who’s usually on shift though. She looks like a female version of DJ Qualls and wears little hipster style cats-eye glasses and is much more attractive than my inadequate description may make her sound, honest.
The other girls there are all raaather nice too – and it occurs to me as I write this that although usually I’d put myself around a Kinsey 1 or 2 for some reason in coffee shops my gay tendencies rear up and I slide further along like the scale’s been lubricated with foamed milk or something. Generally that only happens in the presence of pictures of Alison Hannigan.

Though by the by, while we’re talking Merlin and perving on girly bits, isn’t the girl that plays Morgana a bit pfwoaar? Nice breasts and everything of course but I saw a screencap of the scene where she’s sword fighting in her shift (don’t ask) and she had this little small swelling of tummy that was just… mmmmmm…… niiiiice! :D

* * *

Am now finishing and polishing up my Yuletide story. I was having severe problems with it until my muse elbowed the idea I was working on out of the way and cried ‘Hey! You don’t want to write it like that – you want to write it like this!’

This being a completely different idea to my original and involving starting pretty much from scratch 2 days ago, but hey-ho. It also contains about 70% more shagging so that’s a plus. I’m trying to work out whether to put a certain bit in though because although I know my recipient is ok with the slash (ha! Good thing or they’d be buggered) I’m not sure how they feel about certain acts and Surprise!Rimming may not be enthusiastically welcomed.
Maybe I’ll add it to the ‘Five Things’ outtakes I’m writing.
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 Oooh, yeah baby!
Psychic Manifestations of Slash™ back with a vengeance!!!

You know Criminal Minds, yes? You know Shemar Moore AKA Derek Morgan, yes? You know who's exact fucking double I passed on my way back from work?

Oooh, yeeeesss!!

Same beautiful smile, same gorgeous skin, same freakin' sunglasses! Same panty-wetting abs that you could crack freakin' ROCKS on!!

And how do I know about the abs, I hear you ask? (well, I hear the voices in my head ask. I pretend that it's you lot asking because otherwise it'd just be weird)

I know because - being that pigs have flown, hell has frozen over and it is, for once, amazingly hot in Glasgow - this hunk of tall, dark and handsome was wearing nowt but a pair of low-slung shorts. *drools*

God, I love summer! :)

* * *

BTW, I've written slightly kinky Kirk/Spock porn over here if you're interested. 

I can't be arsed posting it here at the moment.
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 So many pretty boys in Glasgow this lunchtime! What, do you guys only come out when the sun's shining or something?

And it was definitely close-but-no-banana day for Psychic Manifestations of Slash™. In the same half hour I saw:
  • Connor - but with one of those huge-sideburns-that-aren't-quite-beard deals. And he was tiny. Pocket sized. Sooo cute!
  • An almost dead ringer for Stephen, except younger and even more slutty looking (if that's possible). He had on a jacket so I couldn't tell if the nipples were authentically perky.
  • An early 20's John Sheppard. Not as close as he could be, but he was wearing black combat trousers and aviators, so bonus points there I feel.
Even if the accuracy is a bit off the situations still better than a few weeks ago when the best it could do was a scarily accurate manifestation of Sue Pollard. And I mean 100% - right down to the glasses and the voice.
Serious misfire in the programme.

Other pretty-pretty seen and put on my 'Would Kidnap if I Had the Resources' list:
Sharp hipster suit, wire glasses, amazing Ronon-length dreads - ooh, yes; beautiful, fine-boned lady - all elegance at the lights; skater-punk Elvis on the tube - you weren't all that, but I would do you just for the effort you put into that quiff.

* * *

Dear me,
Stop wasting so much time searching for Spider Jerusalem action figures online and get back to your writing. *Slap*
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I think my Psychic Manifestation of Slash™ has slightly backfired on me.

Sure, the guy in Starbucks this morning did look a little like Don, but I might have been watching too many re-runs of Scrubs at the moment because he looked more like the bastard son of Don and JD.
Except slightly chubby and Glaswegian.

I still found him hot though. My mind is a very confused place at the moment.

Maybe I could pair him up with the bleach-blond Freddie-Prinze-Jr-but-gay a-like I saw on the Subway.
(Make that gay-er, because the guy may be tapping Buffy but he kinda looks like a friend of Judy. Especially in Scooby-Doo)


I have just bought the first series of Supernatural on DVD and now have Sam and Dean sitting in the slash corner of my mind, touching each other and laughing evilly. Why do I do this to myself?
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I love this place but it weird’s me out sometimes.

Last month, just after commenting on the slashability of the Petrelli brothers from Heroes, I saw two guys on the tube that looked quite like them. Not dead on but enough that because they were sitting next to each other you noticed it.

Today on my way to work on the tube, right after posting the Ryan/Connor fic last night, I saw their doppelgangers!
And yes, these guys were again sat right next to each other and a pre-disposition of the sub-conscious towards the archetype could mean even a slight resemblance would do, but really, this time the likeness was uncanny.
The Connor wasn’t quite as accurate – short hair and face a bit thinner, but the Ryan? My hand to god – Exact. Double.
Mouth, eyes, hair, jaw – everything the same. I think I freaked the guy out staring. The only reason I decided it wasn’t actually Mark Wakeling was because as far as I know he’s not got body-modification ear plugs in both ears.

Well, I have thought long and hard about these two occurrences and have decided there is only one rational explanation.

I am developing the psychic power to manifest my slash characters physically.

And I’m getting more accurate at it.

The next logical step hit me at once. I must now spend all my time chanting ‘Don and Charlie, Don and Charlie’ until those two turn up, whereupon I will lock them somewhere secure for closer study.

Because, of course, I could only ever use my new superhuman talent for good. ::smirk::

- and don’t worry, I’ll take pictures for you guys : ) 


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