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And in other news:

I now need to research other bookmarking systems because Delicious may end up screwing us all. Any suggestions?

I hate you, new twitter, with your 'hourly usage limit' and the way you keep going blank. Fuck you!! Fuck you sideways with something spiky. :(

Am tweaking my Yuletide entry and panicking increasingly because I fear the recipient is going to hate the entire concept :( :(

Captain Beefheart died!! :,(  :,(  :,(  :,(

Realised that when Primeval 4 airs on January 1st I'll be stuck on a fucking train up from the Midlands!!!
....there are not enough negative emoticons in the world, quite frankly.
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Possibly spoilers; mainly just general ranting but - you know - cut anyway...

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General pissed-off whinging. Just letting off steam. Ignore me.

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I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to rant incoherently for a moment because I’ve just seen this BBC news headline: Diana ‘had contraceptive pills’


Who cares? No. Really. Who the FUCK cares about this shit? It has been 10 years. Why is this still, not only considered news, but considered headline news?


She may have been a lovely woman, she may have been a vapid bitch, she may have been pregnant with Dodi’s child, she may have been driven off the road by paparazzi; she may even have been clandestinely assassinated by frickin ninja smurfs sent by Prince Philip the secret alien Lizard King of the world - I don’t know.


I didn’t care at the time, and apart from perhaps a brief moment of ‘oh, that’s sad. How awful for her family’, unless you knew the woman personally YOU SHOULDN’T CARE EITHER!!  


This is not fucking news, it is gossip! Its just one more symptom of this ‘celebrity’ fixated culture of ours that will tolerate any level of useless, talentless-asshattedness from our scrape-the-fucking-barrel ‘personalities’ so long as we can carry on gazing at you on the goggle-box and looking at your pictures in magazines and dreaming, oh yes!, of that happy fucking day when we too can grab our piece of the rainbow, catch that falling star etc and see ourselves there on Celebrity Big Brother along with the rest of the wastes of genetic material.

The best part of these stupid bastards stayed in the condom when it split.




I think it’s possible I may find the general xmas atmosphere rather irritating. Bah fucking Humbug.



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