Jan. 1st, 2011 11:06 pm
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Did you know that 2011 - as well as being a prime number itself - is also the sum of 11 CONSECUTIVE prime numbers? 2011=157+163+167+173+179+181+191+193+197+199+211

Just wanted to share that bit of geekery with you all! :)

* * * 

And in other news, I got porn for xmas! YAY!!

TWO lots of porn, actually. My Yuletide gift was the rather yumsome 'The Kind That Talk The Loudest' by sunsetmog, which is from the Fast and Furious fandom and contains Brian and Dom finally scratching that sexual tension itch they've had going throughout the films! :D
It's lovely and hot and surprisingly sweet - and it contains rimming which I was very pleased about! I highly recommend having a read of it. *beams*

My Glee Puck/Kurt fic fest gift ALSO has rimming in it (Are my tastes that obvious? *g*). And - AND! - it has tattoo's and piercings and is amazingly sweet and 'awww' inducing as well as being very, very hot. It's called 'Teeth, Tongue and Tattoos' and as the reveal hasn't gone up for these fics yet I'm not sure who wrote it for me but I like them a whole lot! :D

* * *

As the Puckurt reveal isn't up I can't say which of those I wrote yet but my Yuletide fic - for anyone interested - was 'A Man's Best Friend is his Master of the Horse'.

It's based on a 1937 children's book called 'The Land of Green Ginger' by Noel Langley and as far as I can see from google I'm the first person ever to write fanfiction for it.

Not sure if I'm the best person to be a pioneer in the fandom but my recipient seemed to like it so I'm happy! :D


Jun. 7th, 2010 06:46 pm
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Don't know if anyone is interested, but wordriot.org have a load of one off, limited time texts to download under their 'Published For A Day' day.

Novels, short story collections, poetry - they may be great, they may be shit, but for one day only they're yours to grab here!

* * *

Also, I went a little insane and signed up for [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo  *worried grin*

Should anyone wish to join me in my madness there is a sign up post to get your card here.

* * *

And, for no reason at all, have a Stargate Atlantis rec! Rodney has a bad day.

It's silly and funny and always cheers me up when I read it :)

"Nut 'im!"

Jan. 12th, 2010 10:40 pm
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Oh, Robert Downey Jr - is there nothing you can't do?

Because not only did you make me willing to watch Mr Madonna's version of 'This Ain't Your Muvver's Sherlock 'Olmes (an' it ain't Sir Arfur's either)', but you actually made me willing to picture Jude 'My God His Arms Are Hairy' Law in a sexual situation! Admittedly in sexual situation with yourself, Robert, doing filthy, filthy, humiliating things to him.
(with a side order of Mark Strong doing nasty, evil things to you both. hey, why not?)

Spent a good, ooh, must have been five minutes ruminating on whether old Guy could have made Holmes and Watson look anymore gay for each other and decided - only by having them fuck each other on screen.
In case you're in any doubt whatsoever, I would have been even more willing to watch it had he done this.

Have decided to preemptively succumb to temptation and am searching Archive of Our Own for Holmes/Watson (Hotson?) fic as I type.

* * *

Speaking of Archive of Our Own, now that it's a new shiny year I can reveal that my Yuletide fic was The Way It Crumbles, a Sky High fic for tagalongcookies, who was kind enough to say it was liked.

I myself was mind bogglingly fortunate enough to get two - yes TWO - quite brilliant Hurt Locker stories; Steady Rollin' Man by Devilc and Improvising by eglow23. Please go and read them because they are fantastic!

* * *

Have watched two episodes of Glee, purely because the tv was on and my eyes were open, and while I found it reasonably entertaining I probably won't end up watching it again.
But I still managed to come away shipping Kurt and Puck. *facepalm* Is there some operation - like a lobotomy - that cuts away the slashy, sick parts of your brain and leaves just the sane bits behind?

Mind you, if they cut away all the insane parts of MY brain I would, like Pooh, be left with very little to show afterwards.
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Everyone. Go and read this. Warmongers by raihu.

I do not care if you think Romulan's are nasty. I do not care if you're not usually into Star Trek. I do not care if you usually like your fic light and fluffy. 


You read this fic or you're dead to me as a human being. I'm serious here.

* *

(You know? I planned to start working my way through all my half-finished Primeval fics this weekend. But I went to see Orphan tonight and now I'm doing a Trek crossover and making Chekov crazy again. *heads desk*
I've taken a blood oath I'm finishing my Primeval/SGA fic though, so I should have that up... at some point)

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Those of you who are into the Stargate Atlatis fandom are probably aware that the SGA BigBang 2008 is now live. 
Those of you who aren't are really missing out.

There have been a huge amount of amazing quality fics written by many talented people and this year the mods are trying something new and giving people a chance to write reviews. I offered to write one for Enthrall by Springwoof and Leah, a sequel to what I think is one of the best SGA fics I've read; Aegis, written by them for the 2007 BigBang and was incredibly pleased when they agreed.

The short review is: ITS AMAZING & WONDERFUL & BRILLIANT!!        
The longer (and more articulate) review is below.

Read more... )
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First of all, I wanted to rec a fic to you all:
In a Mirror Distorted and Indistinct by

[personal profile] felisblanco

It's Supernatural RPS and even if you don't watch the show, even if you don't like RPS, even if you don't like slash (ya freak!) PLEASE go and read it 'cos its amazing


I thought I was going to start posting my Primeval crossover again on Sunday but there has been a slight... snag. 

There I was, fic all written, timestamp epilogue almost done when a thought popped into my brain and I'm now having to check back and edit some bits because... I'm now going to be writing a follow up, parallel universe fic.
*heads desk* 
*threatens to shoot brain if it continues to mess up fics with plot bunnies like this*


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 A random pimpage post...

I wanted to recommend [profile] silentflux_recs to y'all. 
The links are sometimes from fandoms I don't know about people/character's I've never heard of, but they are pretty much always worth having a look at and I've been led to a couple of my favourite stories recently from here.

There's some odd one's as well - BtVS Giles/CSI Grissom anyone? Slash fic with John McClane from Die Hard? - but somehow they work. Ok, sometimes they make you worried for your sanity because you found that hot, but hey - you can't have everything and sanity's overrated anyway...
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Just been musing on life, the universe and everything - 
or rather, my life, my job and the fact I'm so freaking bored at the moment I'm contemplating killing myself just for something to do.

The last time I was this bored in a job thoughts about burning the shop I worked in down so I wouldnt have to go in the next day started popping into my head. 
I quit the day I found myself looking at the gap underneath the fire-door and thinking "I could pour petrol under there from outside, stuff newspaper through and set fire to it. Then I could sleep in tomorrow"
If I could have guaranteed one particular arsehole of a colleague got trapped inside I might just have done it.

You know its time to leave when felony arson & murder starts looking like the sensible option. 


I was set on the path of thinking about boring jobs from reading [personal profile] notthequiettype's J2 AU/Clerks story 'The Incredible True Story of Two Clerks In Love'. So bloody funny - really, do read it (don't be drinking while you do though - you get that nose-snort thing otherwise. Not pretty)

And I suppose that's one good thing about this job - quiet office and desk with back to the wall + no checking of internet usage means I can read porn when I have nothing else to do...
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Just want to direct you guys over to  [community profile] numb3rs_slash because [personal profile] entangled_now has posted a follow up to 'The Inappropriate Ass Fondling Gun Story' and you really should read it. 

Wet t-short and jeans Don. Come on, you know you want to. 


I have no idea why my head went to a !Pimp Batman place for the subject on this post...


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