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 So this? *points to subject line* is schmoop. And CW-rps schmoop at that.

Title: A Fish Called Douche-bag

Author: oddegg

Rating: R

Pairing: Chris Kane/Chad Michael Murray

Word count: 3,578

Summary: Chad and Chris are married. They have 2 kids. There are problems with fish.

Disclaimer: Amazingly enough, this is not true. Though Chad really is nice to children and buys them toys for Christmas. Yay for Chad! \o/

A/N: I started writing this a while ago from a stolen fluffandfold prompt. It’s for wendy and for kalimai, but most of all it’s for azewewish, who bribed me to finish it with porn! *grin*  

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Oh, if this were only true....
what a lucky bitch I'd be.

Who is Your Ideal TV Boyfriend?

Created by BuddyTV

3rd part of the Primeval/BtVS fic going up in a bit, tomorrow (wtf LJ? Why don't you like my OpenOffice document?) and the rest going up a chapter a day. I'm going to be doing it that way, even though it IS now finished, and even though the now notorious rimming part doesn't occur for a couple of chapters because 
A) I'll be here all night otherwise, and 
B) I'm a sadist 
*evil grin* 

A second Happy Belated to [profile] munchkinofdoom!! Hope you liked the images pet - sorry my graphic talents aren't up to creating Ianto/Tosh sticky beak icons yet. :)

So many nice comments on my fluffandfold fic! *snuggles them all*
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My fluffandfold fic. Ever so slightly late... *cough*
It's Supernatural RPS.

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This is my first rps and it stars the lovely boys from Supernatural – Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.


It hasn’t gone quite as planned actually.

I intended it to be a short, smutty, Jensen centered PWP but despite my best efforts it is instead plot filled schmoop with Jared POV – it’s also the longest thing I’ve posted so far! I did manage to keep some sex in there, but only by the skin of my teeth.


I don’t know, you try to raise them right…

*shakes finger at fic and sends it to sit on the naughty step*


So, anyhoo, here we are; oddegg and overtaxed brain proudly present the fruit of their loins – posted in separate parts and then linked together, because it's too big and I can NOT get LJ to co-operate with linking the cuts. Bastards.


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