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Just been to see the Wolverine Origins film.
My incredibly in depth review? *holds out hand, waggles up and down* Meh. 

Don't get me wrong, Hugh is, as usual, sideburned sex on sex masquerading as legs with an added layer of sex on top. And Liev isn't bad either. But general feel was a bit slapdash. 

Oh well, have to see what Star Trek's like instead (which I am looking forward to like 'Woh!')

* * *
I have seen a couple of episodes of The Big Bang Theory and now have a horrible temptation to search for Sheldon/Leonard slash fic.

And speaking of slash fic, I am so glad certain Primeval writers have senses of humour. . .

* * *

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] mysteriousaliwz !!!!

I haven't finished blackening your name in the fairytale fic yet, but hugs and kisses till then!


Feb. 15th, 2009 12:48 pm
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 Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] kiwi_from_hell  ! ! !

Hope you have a brill day sweetie :D

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 Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] fredbassett !!!

Hope you have a wonderful day with lots of nice treats! :)

You have angsty Lyle-centric fic coming to you but it isn't done yet (of course not, what do you think I am, competent and organised?) so in the meantime, here's an hurty-Lyle pic and a link to what I thought was an appropriate song to go with it.

make with the clicky... )


Jan. 28th, 2009 08:19 pm
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 HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] munchkinofdoom !!!!!

You have a fic coming to you babe, but the porn muse decided to sprinkle some extra sexin over it and so it ain't finished yet! 
In the meantime, here's a silly picture and HUGE BIG HUGS!! *Smooches you madly*
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We've re-arranged the living room today.
According to mr oddegg the couch is much happier in its new position. It is, in fact, 'getting its groove-thang on' 'much like James Brown'.

But we shouldn't talk too much about getting surround sound speakers 'in case it gets jealous'.

Oh, and I needn't worry, the bag of eviserated tomato hearts he had left over from making the soup 'isn't a dead foetus'

...sometimes I wonder where he hides his drugs - and why he isn't sharing them.


And an early morning Happy Birthday to [personal profile] fredbassett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you get an excess of every nice thing darling, and I send all my love.

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Loads of birthday wishes from all you lovely, lovely flist folk!!! 
Thank you so much - after horrible computer debacle that's really cheered me up!!

Especially munchkinofdoom's brilliant Captain Jack picture :D *has another look* *drools some more*

(Back! All of you! He's mine!)

Ahhh - 30 doesn't seem so bad when you have Jack to comfort you (oh - and mr oddegg, who got me lovely music and enabled my cop show obsession with the 1st season of The Wire!)  

Off to see silly film and eat nice food and drink nice wine soon! Yay!
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Oh, if this were only true....
what a lucky bitch I'd be.

Who is Your Ideal TV Boyfriend?

Created by BuddyTV

3rd part of the Primeval/BtVS fic going up in a bit, tomorrow (wtf LJ? Why don't you like my OpenOffice document?) and the rest going up a chapter a day. I'm going to be doing it that way, even though it IS now finished, and even though the now notorious rimming part doesn't occur for a couple of chapters because 
A) I'll be here all night otherwise, and 
B) I'm a sadist 
*evil grin* 

A second Happy Belated to [profile] munchkinofdoom!! Hope you liked the images pet - sorry my graphic talents aren't up to creating Ianto/Tosh sticky beak icons yet. :)

So many nice comments on my fluffandfold fic! *snuggles them all*


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