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Everyone. Go and read this. Warmongers by raihu.

I do not care if you think Romulan's are nasty. I do not care if you're not usually into Star Trek. I do not care if you usually like your fic light and fluffy. 


You read this fic or you're dead to me as a human being. I'm serious here.

* *

(You know? I planned to start working my way through all my half-finished Primeval fics this weekend. But I went to see Orphan tonight and now I'm doing a Trek crossover and making Chekov crazy again. *heads desk*
I've taken a blood oath I'm finishing my Primeval/SGA fic though, so I should have that up... at some point)

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For the love of CHRIST! - Please take the star trek kink meme away from me!!

The amount of porn I've been reading recently has reached ridiculous levels, and so far I've made Spock and Chekov psycho's, made Spock take Kirk roughly in a bloodkinky way, made Kirk try to kill himself, got embarrassingly attached to writing '5 times 1 time' fics and just spent part of the evening internet raping half of the trek bridge crew and any random commentator that happened along.

For the sake of my sanity. For the sake of other peoples sanity. Please stop me now.

(I am currently polishing up a Cole Porter parody FILK song about star trek. I offer this information up in case you had any qualms about putting me out of my misery)
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One of the bits I've written for [livejournal.com profile] st_xi_kink  (which I've been completely glutting myself on for a few days)

Reposted (+ a couple of wee edits) because I just noticed a couple of typos and it's pissing me off that I can't fix them on the thread! :( 

Dark, Sandman x-over fic, for the anon prompt of Chekov/Corinthian

i watch you sleep and reach out to touch you... )


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