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Had a good discussion about 'Mad Men' with my feminist book (& other media) club tonight.

General agreement that it's hard to understand quite what the male/female dynamic was like back then - there's so many moments in the show where you just want to go 'WTF?' at people's attitudes. I've only watched the first two but am very keen to finish Series one. And then work my way through the rest!

It's so pleasant to watch a show that actually treats its audience as if they have, you know, brains and memories and the ability to see below the surface of actions and situations.

There was also general agreement that Joan is an impressive, magnificent goddess, though the group was split on whether they'd shag her or not. Some claimed that they'd be too scared and in awe. I fell into the 'but that's the attraction!' category :D

Most of us would do Don Draper as well.

* * *

So, I've done my usual and told someone in a comment chat that I'll totally be finishing that fic off this weekend! Yeah, they should look out for it!

Why do I have such an incredibly unrealistic mental view of my writing speed? Why do I say things like that when I know I've got... *looks at fic & does rough estimate* oooh, about 5,000 more words to write before this is done? 5,000 words of complete smut, which I know I find harder to write anyway?

And I've still got to do all the usual weekend stuff, and go to my bookgroup, and - oh yeah - I get distracted by writing about naked boys with snakes wrapped round them. :(
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Everyone. Go and read this. Warmongers by raihu.

I do not care if you think Romulan's are nasty. I do not care if you're not usually into Star Trek. I do not care if you usually like your fic light and fluffy. 


You read this fic or you're dead to me as a human being. I'm serious here.

* *

(You know? I planned to start working my way through all my half-finished Primeval fics this weekend. But I went to see Orphan tonight and now I'm doing a Trek crossover and making Chekov crazy again. *heads desk*
I've taken a blood oath I'm finishing my Primeval/SGA fic though, so I should have that up... at some point)

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Anyone who was intrigued by my talk of Top Gear slash should read this fic by [profile] the_fun_monkey
It's not actually slash, and its sort of a Supernatural crossover, but I'm reccing it anyway because its hilarious and the tone is spot on.

I've spent all day with the lines "Be not too hard / For life is short / And nothing is given to man" going round and round in my head. Except I was blanking on the 'too hard' part and I couldn't remember who it was by. I assumed it was a poem.
Googled it just now and it turns out that its lyrics to a song by Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Who I've never heard of. 

My mind does this so often, comes up with ragged, half remembered lines that have been dredged up, Coelacanth like, from the depths of my memory; all torn and battered from the change in pressure.

I was half paying attention to the England game that mr oddegg was watching and I saw Peter Crouch warming up and thought "I wonder if there are people who slash football players out there"
And a quick search of LJ reveals that, yes - there are.

But I'm not going to be reading any of it.

I've just started reading a non-fiction book about exorcism's in America and have gone 
"Hmmm. I could add this idea to my J2 AU 'based around an entire album' fic that is the idea I chose NOT to go with for BigBang but which I shall be writing as well as J2 AU partly-epistolary 'based on a childrens book' fic I decided on"
So I now have to research exorcisms and Southern Baptist beliefs as well as US college practices, foster home practices and under-age sex workers.

I shouldn't read. Or think.
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I've just signed up for [profile] spn_j2_bigbang.

Despite the mile long WIP list.

I am now officially insane.


Although actually, I'm going to be using one of the WIP ideas for it, so it'll get rid of one of them!

...which as I've just added two completely cracky SPN RPS ideas to the WIP pile, is a good thing.

*bangs head on desk*

Anyone know how to shut off the plot bunny part of your brain? Just temporarily? 
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First of all, I wanted to rec a fic to you all:
In a Mirror Distorted and Indistinct by

[personal profile] felisblanco

It's Supernatural RPS and even if you don't watch the show, even if you don't like RPS, even if you don't like slash (ya freak!) PLEASE go and read it 'cos its amazing


I thought I was going to start posting my Primeval crossover again on Sunday but there has been a slight... snag. 

There I was, fic all written, timestamp epilogue almost done when a thought popped into my brain and I'm now having to check back and edit some bits because... I'm now going to be writing a follow up, parallel universe fic.
*heads desk* 
*threatens to shoot brain if it continues to mess up fics with plot bunnies like this*


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Laptop! Laptop, Laptop, LAPTOP!!!!
*runs around screaming not unlike Kermit the Frog used to*

And it works! And I managed to set it up, and upgrade the memory and set the internet connections and everything MYSELF!!! I didn't have to call my dad or my little brother or anything! (him indoors is a Mac man and knows nothing of this pc blasphemy stuff)
I'm so happy - and not a little bit proud of myself.

And now I can write and scan and photoshop and download and do the many sad, geeky databases I have planned and I think I may hyperventilate!!

And I can actually take part in my own post-comments, 'cos you lot were having far too much fun without me yesterday *g*


Today I bought this

He is called Grave Spike and he comes with a book of poetry and a cross to drape himself over, all hurty-like. Aww, poor angsty Spike *pets his little plastic head*
I bought it in honour of the new Laptop and the new Torchwood. 
And because it was on sale.
And because I have no impulse control.

I completely got the wrong date for last fluffandfold fic posting and now have till Friday! Which is good because I'm not 100% happy with my Jensen/Jared fic and this gives me editing time. I sometimes wonder if I'd do better to get a beta, but I'm such a friggin control freak that I don't like anyone reading stuff till it's finished.

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"Pessimism is just an ugly word for pattern recognition."

I can't get near the computer at home. And so I've replied to no comments, not caught up with my flist or fic-comms and have been scribbling my fics out, long-hand in my garrett (ok, living room)

I am going to post my [profile] fluffandfoldprompt fic by Monday, because that's the deadline and I'm NOT going to be late this time, damnit! But... I'm not going to be posting any more Primeval vamp!fic for at least two weeks *ducks and hides*

Sorry about this, but it's been playing up so much that I've decided not to post until it's finished. Then I can re-work if the plot twists demand it. It's getting a bit long...
There will also be an epilogue (which is kind of done already. I always work ass-backwards) and I've done a stand-alone interlude which is het! Yes, I wrote het people!

Next week I will have my laptop and wont have to rely on mr oddegg's computer!!! 
*does happy 'I can now write rimming fic to my hearts content' dance* 


(to the tune of the conga)
Torchwood, Torchwood, Torchwood! 
Torchwood next week, Torchwood!
La, la-la-la, Ha! La, la-la-la, Ha!

Captain Jack and Spike?! Kissing?!!!
I may have to watch clutching a spare pair of knickers.
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None of my frickin fics are behaving themselves.
I try to write nice, straightforward porn held up by a barely-there lattice of plot and the fic twists and turns like a damned twisty-turny thing and I end up with fiction that contains too much plot (sometimes more than one plot at a time!) and characters that whisper amongst themselves and snicker and point and laugh at my pathetic attempts to get them to fuck. Sometimes they murmer about no-nudity clauses in their contracts.
I may have to kill them all and let god sort them out.


Happy New Year all, BTW!
I have been AWOC (absent without computer) for the whole of the holidays so I am very slowly catching up with my flist and fic comms. And with my non-cooperative porn.


Warren Ellis reworks the Laws of Robotics (http://www.warrenellis.com/?p=5426) *snicker*
Ah, man - so good. And would have made 'I, Robot' a much more interesting film; maybe then Will Smith would have been stomped like a bug by Sonny/fucked to death by Japanese bicycle perverts and could have been prevented from making the travesty that is 'I Am Legend'? One can only dream.
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I am late with my fic. *sigh* I think I’m going to have to stop saying I’ll be posting stuff and just let it be a pleasant surprise when I actually manage get the frickin’ things finished.

But I am going to have something done by Monday, damn it! At least one more Primeval chapter once I’ve wrestled the characters into submission, hopefully with some smut this time – the sod’s are making eyes at each other but are being coy about getting nekkid.

I’m also going to get my cw_rps/bible character crack!fic finished, because I have a squee-tastic icon from felisblanco and mr_felisblanco that should really have something blasphemous to attach to for its first outing.

Mmmmm, sacrilicious



Just finished Warren Ellis’ graphic novel The Fall (still working on Crooked Little Vein – great so far!) and there’s a scene where a pathologist is eating his lunch over the body of the day. A piece of tomato falls out and into the Y section. He fishes it out and, despite the detective’s threat to shoot him –

He eats it.


Laughed so hard I nearly peed.


I think I might have a sick sense of humour.



I have to start actually bookmarking interesting posts when I see them rather than thinking ‘oo, that’s interesting. I will keep that somewhere safe’ and then instead of doing that RIGHT THERE AND THEN I do the internet equivalent of wandering off and finding yourself standing in front of a cupboard having completely forgotten what it was you were looking for and having to retrace your steps except that you forget where it was you were coming from and then you find yourself in front of a different cupboard having completely forgotten…

*deep breath* 

So now I’m looking randomly through my f-list for a post about Jared Padalecki and a race of giants. Mind like a steel sieve I tell you.



Nov. 15th, 2007 11:09 am
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I have drugs!! Yey!
I also have lots of lovely Plastic!Winchester Theatre to look at AND [personal profile] writeatmidnighthas updated the amazing sick!verse!
Does life get any better than this?

Well, I could be a billionaire and be able to pay Chewetel Ejiofar to massage my feet and lick me all over, but otherwise - no. 

I may post a fic up later... no promises though.


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