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(part 3)

Puck honestly can’t help himself when he sees the surprise Kurt brings out for Wednesday night.

He nearly busts his gut laughing and he actually falls off the bed.

“W-w-what the hell?! Oh my fucking god, Kurt! ‘My First Anal Beads’? Seriously?! You bought something called ‘My First Anal Beads’? Did they have a Toys-R-Us next to the sex store or something?”

Kurt was beginning to look annoyed and he started to say “While I admit the name’s unfortunate…” but Puck was already scrambling back onto the bed and grabbing the beads up “Oh, fuck me, they’ve actually got diamante sparkles on the fucking handle! You bought baby blue anal beads with sparkles on them!! Did you get a Speak ‘N Spell sex book to go with them?”

Kurt snatched them back and said in a surprisingly low growl “No. But I did get ‘The Gay Karma Sutra’ and a couple of others, and the colour of the damn beads doesn’t matter when they’re going up your ass, you ass!”

Then he gave Puck an unexpectedly strong shove that splayed him over onto his back and loomed over him to glare down and snap in that same low voice “So lay back and do what I say, Noah. Because I’m going to fuck you speechless”

Puck gulped. Fuuuck. Kurt was really fucking hot when he went all dominant like that – it was like his ‘firm’ voice last night and apparently Puck had a bit of a kink and how had he not known this before?

And then Kurt was getting the lube out, and working the beads into Puck one by careful one and they felt… different from fingers or the vibe or the ass probe thing – made him feel fuller but in a looser, shifting way and Puck couldn’t quite decide whether he liked it or not but his dick wasn’t in any doubt because it was hard and already leaking a little against his abs.

Kurt was getting a condom out too, and rolling it down onto Puck, and then swinging his legs over to straddle him and sinking down and then, ohsweetgod, then Kurt was riding him like a fucking cowboy – sitting up straight with his hands on his own heels and using just the strength in his thigh muscles to raise himself up and slam back down again, over and over and Puck was bucking up like he was a mechanical fucking bull or something and all that was missing was Kurt wearing one of the hats they’d had for ‘Last Name’ to make this their very own ‘Brokeback Mountain: The Full On Porno Edition’ show.

And then, just when Puck was realising that he wasn’t going to last much longer and was trying to unclamp one of his hands from Kurt’s knees so that he could stroke Kurt’s cock and help bring him off first, Kurt had leaned backward – torso bowing in a way that got the light hitting the beads of sweat running down it and just added that extra edge of ‘graphic’ onto the pornographic already going on – and he reached down between Puck’s spread legs and…

Puck can only suppose that Kurt pulled the beads out of him. He was a bit too busy coming his brains out at the time to be sure.

To be honest, he only knew that Kurt had gotten off as well because when he eventually came back to consciousness there was come on his chest sticking Kurt (who seemed to have had his own mini-collapse) onto him.

And he’d have totally apologised for the whole teasing thing and admitted that Kurt was right, right, right, never-to-be-doubted-again but it appeared Kurt had also been right about that whole ‘fuck you speechless’ thing as well and by the time Puck had control of his vocal chords again they were drifting of to sleep anyway.

* * *

Some part of Puck was almost sure that Kurt’s plan was… well, not exactly going to fail, because wow, he’d really hit the jackpot on every go so far, but Puck couldn’t honestly imagine that this shit was going to keep getting better. Surely there was a peak that they’d hit at some point? (and he tried not to pay attention to that part of his brain that was insisting that, even if Kurt wanted to do it Missionary style, in the dark, no extras, and only on alternate Wednesday’s or days when the moon was full that’d still be an offer Puck would jump at with both hands because it was Kurt)

But no – it seemed that there wasn’t a peak.

Because on Thursday; after a whole day of watching Kurt and the goddamn bastard deliberately teasing him throughout the day with under-the-lashes looks in class and the swing in his hips as he sashayed down the fucking corridors and with him fucking fellating his slushie straw at lunch and then, in Glee, with Kurt piping up that he’d got a song that he and a few of the girls had been working on and was it ok if they did it?

And then he fucking did ‘Talk Dirty To Me’. And Puck didn’t even see the moves that Mercedes, Quinn, Brittany and Santana were doing behind him, because Kurt was singing:
‘You know that I can hardly wait
Just to see you
And I know you cannot wait
Wait to see me too
I gotta touch you’

And he was singing it to Puck; like Puck was the only person he would want to wait for like that. Like Puck was the only person he’d ever want to touch like that.

And he was singing:
'Down the basement
lock the cellar door
And baby
Talk dirty to me'

And he was singing:
'You know I call you
I call you on the telephone
I'm only hoping that you’re home
So I can hear you
When you say those words to me
And whisper so softly
I gotta hear you'

And all Puck could think about was Kurt’s low, sexy voice in his ear as Puck got himself off with the present he’d gave him – the present that he’d fucking gift wrapped and had Puck carry around in his backpack all fucking day – and he’d looked into Kurt’s darkened eyes, the usual sky blue just a rim around the black of his pupil, and he’d known that was all Kurt was thinking of too.

Puck didn’t really take in the rest of the rehearsal. He was a bit too busy trying to hide the huge fucking boner he’d got from remembering Kurt’s phone sex voice.

In fact, he didn’t really take much in – ‘yeah, see you tomorrow guys’ ‘hi Mr Hummel, I’m just here to study with Kurt’ – before he was back down in the basement with Kurt, locking that cellar door, yeah baby and…

And, oh god. And yeah – but he liked it and yeah, he knew that Kurt liked it too.

And he didn’t know why, but each time he had with Kurt, each little additional piece he saw in him just made Puck want extra. Like he couldn’t ever get his fill, like too much wouldn’t nearly be enough and would leave him crying out for more.

Like he’s so fucking hungry for Kurt all the time; wanting to touch him and kiss him or even just fucking look at him – like the sight alone will be enough to take the edge off.

It hasn’t taken the edge off tonight though, even when Puck hasn’t really looked away from Kurt’s mouth, his ass, his eyes all day. He’s still grabbing at Kurt as soon as they hit the bedroom, pulling him closer, fucking devouring those pretty pink lips that have been taunting him all day by just being there.

And Kurt’s kissing back, just as desperate, and moaning into Puck’s mouth and scrabbling to help get Puck’s clothes off and pulling his own off as well, and Puck loves it so much that he can reduce Lima’s very own fashion plate into someone who will throw his shirt down onto the floor without a thought.

Not as much as he loved being naked with him though and rolling around on the bed with him and rubbing up against him, and the sight of Kurt naked and tousled with his lips all kiss-swollen is one particular fashion plate that Puck plans to keep to himself and never let anyone else see.

Then Kurt was pushing at his shoulder and squirming out from under him and Puck doesn’t get a chance to say ‘hey!’ because Kurt’s diving for the box under the bed again and he thought his dick couldn’t get much harder but it does now. Partly at the sight of Kurt’s gorgeous ass wiggling around as he searches for what he’s after but mostly because he’s learned very quickly that whatever comes out of the sex box is going to be a good thing.

So he’s a bit surprised and just a teensy bit disappointed when the only thing Kurt brings out is a bottle of lube. They can’t have used up the one in the bedside drawer yet, surely? What’s so special about this one?

And then he sees that there’s a picture of fruit on the label and the words ‘sweet pomegranate’ and ok – flavoured b-jays all round then?

Nope. Kurt’s looking at him with his cheeks all flushed and his eyes wide and dark again and he’s saying softly “Turn over, Noah. Lay on your stomach”.

And that makes Puck swallow hard because whoa, shit. They’re doing this now? He gives Kurt a slightly shaky grin and asks “You gonna fuck me then, Princess?”

But Kurt shakes his head and leans over to give him a long, slow kiss and then pulls back an inch to whisper into his mouth “Not tonight. You’re going to like this, though. So turn over”

So Puck does. Pillows his head on his arms and takes a couple of deep breaths, because he trusts Kurt and he believes him when he says this’ll be good. And he’s still hard so his dick obviously believes him too. He’s hard enough that he can’t help rubbing against the sheets a bit as Kurt settles between his spread legs, which gets him a small, stinging slap and a bitchy “Noah! Mind my thread count!”

Puck looks over his shoulder and, raising an eyebrow says as a joke “I didn’t know we were playing those sort of games, baby – you wanna turn me over your knee?”

Kurt actually looked thoughtful for a moment though, before saying “Maybe another time. Now turn round, I can’t do this with you watching!”

And he wanted to freak a bit over ‘another time’ because he hadn’t really meant it but damn, his dick had jumped when Kurt said it and what the fuck was it with all these new kinks cropping up?

And he wanted to ask ‘do what with me watching?’ but he shut up and put his face back down on his arms instead – and then hissed as he felt cold lube trickle right onto his crack. “Fuck, Kurt! Give me a bit of warning!”

Kurt murmured “Sorry” softly and then Puck felt Kurt’s fingers at his ass as well, spreading the lube out and warming it up a bit. He felt one fingertip slowly circle his hole and that was nice and all – very nice, and it had perked his dick back up to full wood after the shock of the cold – but it was hardly that different from what they’d been doing for the past few days. He didn’t see why Kurt was embarrassed about…


Son of a bitch!! That wasn’t Kurt’s finger; that was his fucking tongue! Kurt had his tongue in Puck’s ASS!!!

And, oh – holy Jehovah in heaven – it felt absolutely. Fucking. AMAZING!

And it was all warm and wet and everything was all slick from the lube as well and Kurt was swirling his tongue around Puck’s hole like he was licking an ice cream or something and giving these long, looonng licks with the flat of his tongue and now he was – ohshitshitfuckingfuck – he was pushing the point of the tip inside!

Kurt’s tongue was actually inside Puck’s ass! And Puck’s pretty sure he’d given a yelp like a dog getting its tail stood on at the shock of the first feel of it, but now all the noise he’s making is one long series of groans into his own forearms because he has honestly never felt anything quite this good before and now Kurt’s got his hands on Puck’s ass-cheeks holding him open even further and just tongue-fucking his hole and this – this right here is going straight to the top of Puck’s list of ‘stuff about The Gay that someone should have told him about so he could have been doing this shit years ago’

But it was only one tiny part of his brain that was thinking that because the rest of it was caught in a loop of yesyespleaseyesmoremoreyesPLEASE and he was pushing himself back into Kurt’s face now – couldn’t help it but from the muffled encouraging noises Kurt was making he didn’t mind and fuck yes! – please let him make those again because the vibrations were fucking amazing and it was so fucking good and fuckfuckfuckyes, Kurt was putting his fingers in Puck’s ass now and he was licking and sucking and tonguing all around them and scissoring them inside him and then he had his mouth right above his fingers, lips and tongue right against Puck’s hole and then he fucking hummed.

And that was… that was just too much. Far, far too much and much too good and Puck hadn’t even put a hand on his dick yet but he was coming – coming in hard pulses that were almost painful they felt so good, right against Kurt’s fussy, high thread count sheets. With a hoarse cry that only stayed in his throat because Puck had his mouth and teeth clamped over his own arm.

Afterward; after Kurt had come as well – rubbing himself off against Puck’s ass and muttering ‘oh Christ, oh Christ – I fucking loved doing that to you. The noises you were making…’ into his shoulder – and after they’d cleaned up and changed the sheets and started to fall asleep, Puck found he’d bit his arm so hard he’d actually broken the skin.

* * *

And of course then, for the last day of the school week, Puck not only got to blush at the sight of Kurt’s hands and watch his fingers and think ‘I’ve had those inside me’, and listen to him talk and sing and remember that same sweet voice murmuring filthy things to Puck down the phone, AND do his usual watching of Kurt’s ass and the sexy wiggle he had in his walk but NOW he got to look at Kurt’s mouth and watch his tongue flicker out to wet his lips and all he could think about was what that mouth and tongue had been doing to his ass the night before.

All of which meant that by the end of the day Puck was just a tiny bit worked up. And very glad he’d put on his loosest jeans today, ‘cos otherwise he’d have been giving a show to most of the school.

So he was maybe a bit handsy when he met up with Kurt in the parking lot at the end of the day to get a lift home. Maybe he kissed him a bit hard, a bit urgently.

Ok. So maybe he grabbed Kurt and pushed him up against the Navigator and did his level best to climb into the other boy’s mouth, shove his hands down those tight, distracting pants and fuck him standing up all at the same time; all the while making little desperate moaning noises in his throat.

Look; Kurt was wearing jeans that might as well have been sprayed on and he’d been doing provocative things like bending and walking and like, breathing all day and Puck had been hard for all of that fucking day, ok? Being a bit eager was understandable.

He heard a catcall of ‘Jeez, Puckerman – get a damn room!’ from Santana and a piercing wolf-whistle that was most likely from Brittany, who’d always been able to give a two fingered whistle that would make a fire siren jealous. It was unfortunately also enough to break through to Kurt, who firmly pushed Puck away and started tidying his mussed up hair and clothes, saying with an unsteady attempt at nonchalance “I hadn’t realised it was that long since I saw you in 5th period”

“We’re going back to your place, right Kurt? Could we, like, maybe spend twenty minutes in the back seat first? Because otherwise I think my balls are going to end up permanently blue” Puck knew he sounded a bit frantic but, dude – he was seriously not kidding about his balls.

Kurt just gave him a raised eyebrow, unimpressed face and carried on fixing his hair, checking it in a little mirror he’d fetched out of his bag. He said firmly “No, we are not spending time in the back seat. Your balls are fine, Noah, don’t exaggerate. And no – we’re not going back to my house. Your mother invited me to family movie night at your house tonight and as I haven’t seen her or Sara for ages I agreed to come along”

Oh, for… Puck could translate that without a problem! Kurt had got caught by his Ma and she’d used her Jewish-mom-powers to guilt-trip some time out of him. The phrase ‘It’s like Noah’s a stranger the amount of time he spends in this house!’ had probably come up. Possibly ‘you’re the closest thing I’ll get to a daughter-in-law now’ as well, which was a really embarrassing one. Puck knew in the face of opposition like that he was helpless.

Great. He was getting cock-blocked by his own mother. Weren’t there laws against this kind of child abuse?

* * *

Puck still had a semi-wood by the time they got back to his house and even the prospect of watching one of his mom’s favourite Holocaust movies and seeing the chosen people under threat of the Nazi interpretation of ‘Wash ‘N Go’ for the nine hundredth time didn’t get rid of the prospect of it completely.

Watching Kurt greet Puck’s mom and sister and be all happy and laughing with them didn’t either, which Puck wasn’t happy with his dick for but there wasn’t a lot he could do about it.

It wasn’t that he found it sexy or hot or anything, it was just that Puck kinda liked the fact that Kurt got on so well with his family and that they obviously loved him back. It made him feel warm inside and, unfortunately, today any sort of warm or affectionate feelings for Kurt were getting interpreted by his dick as ‘happy-happy fun time now?’ which led to ‘my grandchildren will still be paying for my therapy bill’ situations like sprouting wood when he comes out from helping his mom with dinner in the kitchen to find Kurt sitting with Sara, both heads bent over her design homework and Kurt exclaiming softly that she was an incredible artist.

Puck thought he maybe made a noise, because Kurt looked up and caught his eye and gave him a smile that lit him up like he’d stepped into a spotlight, his eyes bright with affection. And Puck thought with a sort of wonder ‘I did that. He looks like that because he’s looking at me’ and he had to swallow hard and cross his arms so he wouldn’t say or do something horribly sentimental and stupid.

Kurt just looked like everything good and kind and worthwhile there ever was at that moment. Puck couldn’t believe he looked so innocent sometimes.

* * *

Fifteen minutes later Puck really couldn’t believe that Kurt managed to look so fucking innocent sometimes because his boyfriend was an evil, evil, EVIL person. Possibly a psychopath. Certainly someone who got off on torturing other people, the little bastard.

And he’d looked so sweet and sincere downstairs when he’d turned to Puck’s mom and said “Me and Noah are just going to his room for five minutes, if that’s alright, Mrs Puckerman. I need to sort something out with him for a project we’re doing”

Puck’s mom had said ‘fine, of course. Dinner and the movie in ten minutes, boys’ and ‘Do call me Judith, Kurt’ and then Kurt had grabbed his bag and they’d gone upstairs and Puck barely had time to close the door behind them before Kurt was turning to him with a wicked smirk on his face and saying “Go get on your hands and knees on the bed, Noah. Oh, and drop your pants”

What? Um. Don’t get him wrong, Puck did want to get off but if they only had a few minutes wouldn’t blow jobs be a better idea than more ass play?

Puck’s thoughts must have been clear on his face, because Kurt just rolled his eyes at him and said “Just do it, will you? Trust me”

So Puck found himself on all fours on his bed, facing the wall with his jeans and the underwear he had on for once pushed down to his knees, feeling a bit foolish. He heard Kurt rustling in his bag behind and then he jumped as, without warning, Kurt put two lube-slick fingers against his asshole. Kurt stroked his back gently with his other hand and said softly “Hey. It’s ok. I’m going to be careful but this is going to have to be a bit quick and dirty, ok?” and then without further ado started twisting the first finger into Puck.

It didn’t really matter. Puck was actually ok with quick and dirty. In fact, he wanted this enough that he didn’t think he could cope with long and drawn out right now. This was perfect.

Kurt had the second finger in him and then a third before Puck had taken more than a half dozen deep breaths; pouring on extreme amounts of lube to ease their way and now he was curling and bending his fingers inside, opening Puck up more and making him twist his neck to hide his face against his own arm and muffle his groans. And then –

Puck sucked in air in a whoop. That was not Kurt’s fingers anymore! What the fuck was that? It was hard and it felt tapered like a cone or something because Kurt was still pushing it in and it was still widening out, bulging and pressing the walls of his ass apart with a stretch he felt like a dull, smoulder rather than a burn. Then, just when he felt it might get painful in a second, the thing narrowed again and he could feel his ring contract and tighten around the base of whatever it was, holding it in place. He felt Kurt push against the thing, pressing it in a tiny bit, checking if it was secure, and then he whispered “You ok?”

Well… He now had a butt-plug in his ass (he wasn’t stupid, ok? What else could it be?), and he wasn’t 100% sure what he thought about that. But other than that little matter he was doing just dandy, Kurt. Thanks.

Kurt wiped him up with something and then got Puck to kneel up (which caused the plug to move against his prostrate in an… interesting way) and started helping him to pull his pants and boxers back up. Then he said “Oh! Wait – I forgot” and rustled in his back again for a second, then reached his arms round Puck, gently took hold of his cock (which knew exactly what it thought of the plug and was hard as a rock), gave it one long, sweet stroke and then…


Puck felt something clamp round his shaft and looked down to see that Kurt had fixed a cock ring onto him. A leather fucking cock ring.

Then Kurt tugged his waistband as a reminder and said cheerfully “Come on! Pull your pants up. Your mom’s expecting us downstairs for the movie” and before Puck could form a damn sentence beyond “Wha…?” Kurt was out of the room and gone.

Leaving the door open and Puck with his pants undone, a toy up his ass rubbing him in every right-wrong way, and his boner trapped in the erection equivalent of a wheel clamp.

Oh, god. This was going to damn well kill him. He didn’t even know how he was going to make it downstairs.

Kurt was an evil bastard and Puck was never going to trust him again. Ever.

* * *

‘Defiance’ was usually the best of his mom’s film choices (it was great getting to see the Jews kick some ass for a change) but about half way through the film his Ma paused it and cried in exasperation “My word, Noah! Will you sit still? I don’t know what’s up with you, squirming around like that!”

Sara was looking at him strangely as well but Kurt (bastard, bastard, bastard that he was) blinked all naive and blameless and said earnestly “I don’t know what the matter is either, Judith. Did you have too many slushies today, Noah?” he turned to Puck’s mom and said confidingly “They’re full of sugar, you know. I think they make him hyperactive”

All three of them stared at him and tutted like he was a toddler who needed looked after, only Kurt had an impish, wicked glint in his eye as well and Puck felt his stomach drop because, oh shit. He had a bad feeling…

“I’ve got an idea” Kurt’s blue eyes were pools of limpid innocence as he got up from the wingchair and walked over to Puck on the couch, prodding him back into the cushions and settling in front of him between his spread legs, capturing Puck’s arms and getting him to wrap them securely around him. “There!” he said brightly to Puck’s mom “Now Noah can just hold onto me instead of fidgeting!”

Puck’s mom nodded happily and started the film again and Puck sucked in air sharply as Kurt half turned toward him – rubbing his ass oh-so-accidentally against the hard-on that had been the cause of Puck’s twitching for the last forty minutes – and murmured “Now, isn’t that better?”

Evil, evil, evil little bastard, bastard, bastard.

As soon as Puck had some blood flow back to his brain, he was going to start plotting his revenge.

For now, he just sat there, biting his lip and trying to whimper too loudly.

* * *

By the time the credits rolled Puck was about ready to cry, or at least beg.

Because if Kurt didn’t let him get off sometime very soon he really was going to explode, despite the cock ring, and if he creamed his jeans in front of his Ma and his baby sister he was going to have to kill himself out of shame, if he didn’t die of embarrassment first.

He nearly did start crying or screaming when his Ma turned to him and Kurt and asked “Did you want to watch another one?” because nononono – he couldn’t cope with anymore!

But oh, praise god! Kurt just smiled sweetly and replied “Oh, that would be lovely Judith but we can’t. We were going to go back to my house”

He got up and helped up Puck (who’s fucking legs were shaking) and then thankfully stood in front of him as he added “I hope it’s ok with you if Noah stops over? We promised Finn that we were going to have a marathon Xbox session and we’ll probably be up quite late”

Puck knew damn well they hadn’t promised Finn any such thing but he was too busy trying to control himself to say anything – especially when his mom said with an indulgent smile “Oh, that’s fine. You boys run along and get back to your toys. Enjoy yourself, Noah, tateleh

Oh, she had no idea.

His mom even came to the door to see them out and Kurt (words could not express what a bastard this boy was) said in a loud voice laden with false concern “I’ll drive, shall I Noah? You still look a bit… distracted”

Puck gritted his teeth until the were in the car – and he couldn’t help letting out a whimper as his ass hit the seat – and, after breathing hard for a couple of seconds turned to a giggling Kurt and hissed “See?! This is how I know German’s are evil. Forget that Nazi shit – this right here, what you’re doing? This is true evil, you German fucker!”

Kurt had to wipe tears of laughter from his eyes before he could see to drive. Puck hated him.

Especially when Kurt started to hum ‘Tiny Little Moustache’ in a falsetto as he drove and Puck couldn’t keep hold of his righteous indignation and started laughing. Who could resist Stephen Lynch, after all?

The extra stimulation that shot through him when he laughed made him gasp and quit it pretty quick though, and he didn’t even try to stop the groan he gave. They were pulling up to Kurt’s drive by then and he closed his eyes and said desperately “Oh fucking god, Kurt. Please tell me I’ve not got to go in and make normal conversation with your dad and Carole. I don’t think I can!”


Puck felt a hand on his cheek and when he opened his eyes and looked over Kurt was serious again, and his eyes were soft and fond “It’s ok. Carole and my dad are away for the weekend again and Finn’s not here either. He’s spending the night over at Rachel’s” Kurt gave him a small grin “Sleeping on the sofa, of course. Her dads’ think its really funny to mess with him and pretend to be overly protective even though they’ve told her they’ll buy her condoms if she wants”

And Puck would normally smile back about that but he really did not give the tiniest flying fuck about Finn and Rachel’s love life at the moment because he was so close to the edge he was about to fucking fall off.

Kurt actually had to steady him again when he got out of the car and it took all his concentration just to put one foot in front of the other and make his way into the house. He would have grabbed for Kurt then but the other boy backed away down the hall to his room, saying soothingly “Let’s get down to my room, alright? Then I’ll make all this up to you, don’t worry Noah. I promise”

So Puck took one more deep breath in a useless attempt to calm himself, and started down the stairs.

* * *

Kurt had to help him undress.

By now Puck’s fingers were trembling so much he couldn’t even undo the button on his jeans so Kurt had to do it for him, and then kneel down to pull them down his legs and take off his trainers and help him step out of his pants and boxers.

Then he stood up slowly, trailing his hands up Puck’s sides to push his shirt up and off over his head.

And then he just looked. Just stood and looked at Puck as he stood there shaking without saying a word until Puck couldn’t stand it any more and he choked out a “Please…

Kurt’s breath caught and he said low “Fuck…” and yes – yes please. That.


Kurt got him to lay down on the bed and then Puck watched as he undressed as well, carelessly and not taking his eyes off Puck once. Then Kurt grabbed a bottle of lube and a condom from the side cabinet (where he must have put them earlier, must have left them there eons ago before he went to school, just waiting for this…) and dropped them on the bed next to Puck and climbed up to kneel between Puck’s spread legs.

He carefully put his hand down and pressed very gently against the plug, and the way it moved inside and sent jolts through Puck was just too much and his breath hitched in a sob and he started babbling out a broken stream of ‘no, no – please, Kurt, please – I just, I want – fuck, pleeease!’

And Kurt leaned over him and kissed him, saying ‘shush, shhh – it’s ok, Noah, it’s ok – god! You’re so fucking gorgeous like this’ and then – oh, thank fucking god – he was grabbing the lube and the condom and easing the plug out and it had been so long now that Puck felt like he was naked and empty without it and he moaned ‘no, no, no – please’ once more because he needed it back, needed something to fill that blank space inside him again.

But it was alright, because Kurt was there, trembling just as much as Puck now; and Kurt was putting the condom on himself and slicking himself up and smearing more lube onto Puck and then finally, finally lining himself up and very, very slowly pushing inside.

It was nothing like the plug. Not like that or like fingers or the vibe or the other toys they’d used. It was Kurt – Kurt inside him, bigger and wider and stretching Puck more than he had been before. Kurt holding himself up above him with shaky arms and leaning down to kiss him as he moved his hips and started fucking Puck properly; slow and steady and strong, his cock sliding in and up against the sensitive walls of Puck’s ass and making him groan with every stroke.

It was Kurt. Kurt that he had his legs wrapped round, that his hands were clutching at. Kurt who was kissing him over and over and muttering again and again between kisses that he was ‘so fucking good, so fucking amazing – oh, Christ Noah, so fucking beautiful’

And he was hitting Puck just right with every fucking thrust now, sending sparks of pleasure through him that were building up inside him till he was nothing but a mass of blissful sensation aching to burst out – and then just when he thought he couldn’t take one more drop without his heart bursting with it Kurt reached down between them and snapped off the ring from around Puck’s cock and that was it. His back arched up and his body clamped down and he slammed his head back and he fucking screamed.

Coming and coming. Pulsing between their stomachs like he’d never spunked up before in his life.

His brain shorted out, and the last thing he felt or heard was Kurt’s cock jerking inside him and his cry of ‘Noah!!’ as he came as well.

* * *

Puck’s brain took a very, very long time to start working again.

For a while he just lay there, panting and shivering every so often. Not from cold – it was warm enough in the room and Kurt was curled up collapsed around him now like a sweaty human space-heater – but because his whole body was still humming with sensation and the occasional wave of sensitivity was still sweeping over him, making him feel like he was high or something.

That had been pretty fucking awesome.

“You know?” he drawled out at last – and shit, he even sounded stoned – “You’re quite good at that. I think I’ll keep you”

Kurt snorted with laughter and gave him a little nip on his shoulder, then mumbled a dry “Thanks” as he kissed it better.

Puck thought of something “Hey! Even with the plug and everything I must have been tight and it was your first time doing the fucking – how the hell did you last as long as you did?”

Kurt spluttered “You have the sweetest post-coital conversation, Noah – you really do!” and when Puck craned his neck to check out his face he could see his boyfriend was blushing. Oh, well that must mean something. He poked him in the chest “Spill”

Kurt blushed harder and cleared his throat and then said in a rush “Well, if you must know I… Erm. Well, I masturbated like, three times today at school and once at your mom’s house when I went to the bathroom – I just wanted to make sure I’d last and make it good for you…”

He trailed off at the end and Puck just stared at him in amazement for a long moment, taking him in.

Kurt was still blushing and he looked uncomfortable and embarrassed.

He was sweaty. He was sweaty and messy and his hair looked like a tornado had hit him and then dragged him through a hedge. He was flushed and his face was shiny and he had scratches and red, finger-shaped pressure marks on his chest and arms. He had come splattered on him still and there were shiny patches of lube drying tackily on his groin and thighs and hands. He looked a complete messy wreck.

And he was the most beautiful fucking thing that Puck had ever seen.

Kurt was absolutely fucking beautiful. He was incredible. He was fierce and gentle and he was an evil genius bastard and he was kind and he was about the strongest person Puck knew. And he put up with Puck’s crap and he smiled at him like Puck was fucking worth it – like he was more than worth it, like he was something precious. And he came up with a week’s worth of kinky fucking shit and then jerked off in Puck’s bathroom while Puck’s mom was downstairs even though Puck knew he must have been mortified because he wanted Puck’s first time getting fucked to be good. And it had been.

It had been amazingly good. And Puck realised that – forget all the extras – that had been because it was Kurt he was doing it with. And he felt a bright bubble of joy in his chest swelling up around his heart as he realised as well that there was one last ‘first time’ that he could give to his boyfriend.

He brushed Kurt’s hair back and cupped his face and said “Hey, Kurt?”

And yeah – that was the smile. The one that meant Kurt was the only person who would ever have got this first time from Puck. He let his own smile out, bright and wide and real and he let his happiness, his delight out into his voice as he said again “Hey Kurt?”

“I love you”

And that first time? That was easy as breathing.

Author footnote:

The store in Van Buen is called the Lion’s Den and it is a genuine, real life sex shop which Kurt should easily be able to drive to and back in an afternoon/evening (as Lima doesn’t seem to have any adult stores). Yes, I googled this shit. Yes, I am a very sad git – we acknowledge this. Then we move on.

…we move onto the fact that all the toys, books and even the frickin lube also come from my googling. I spent *over an hour* looking through pages and thinking ‘yes, but would Puck like that?’ or ‘It looks good, but there’s no way Kurt would buy it if it only comes in that colour’
…*there is not enough facepalm in the world*

I also spent some time on a site about gay sex and, consequently, far more time than is healthy considering what angle Kurt’s dick might curve at. (Look, it’s a factor to consider for optimum prostate stimulation in various positions, ok?!)
(I decided his curves upward, btw)

The Japanese zombie-musical that Puck, Kurt, Finn and Rachel watch is ‘The Happiness of the Katakuris’. It’s an awesome film and I highly recommend it.

The bit of Hebrew Puck uses when talking to his sleeping sister - metukah – apparently means ‘sweetie’. And Puck’s mother calls him tateleh – little darling near the end.

And speaking of Hebrew, my knowledge of Shabbat and Friday prayers comes strictly from Wikipedia so I do hope I haven’t got anything wrong and I really apologise if I have.

And if you're a sick puppy like me and want to know about the sex toys:
Oral sex spray


Puck’s 'Telephone' present

My first anal beads (and yes, they really are called that)

Heating lube

Flavoured lube (I particularly liked the fact it was advertised as ‘does not block your pores’. I felt that would be important to Kurt!)

The plug & cock ring (The amount of time Puck keeps the ring on is NOT realistic by the way, folks! Don’t try that one at home)


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