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Well - I have a new cinema card and so to mark the death and resurrection of Our Lord this weekend, I shall be going to see 17 Again, Dragonball Evolution and Monsters vs Aliens 3D.
In a desperate and frankly pathetic attempt to appear more cultured and adult, I also plan to see Let The Right One In but, given that I'm holding my options open on seeing Fast & Furious, I feel that attempt is doomed to failure...

* * *

I saw Knowing the other week and, just randomly throwing this out there, but I think it could have been VASTLY improved if they'd got rid of the stupid-and-slightly-icky (given that they're kids) Adam and Eve scenario ending and instead had this:
- Entire planet goes up in flames.
- Camera pulls back, and back, till we see the alien spaceship thingies on the edge of our star system.
- Alien speech voiceover that gets subtitle translated as: 'I can't believe they fell for that! Pass me that child sized anal probe, will you?'

(I thought of this in the cinema and had to bite my hand to stop from laughing out loud. Yes, I'm horribly sick. What's new?)

* * *

I shall also be marking Easter with the writing of porn. So long as I don't get derailed by Saturday Primeval and ideas for - well, for new sorts of porn.
I think I need to build some sort of robot that follows me around the house, occasionally poking me and saying (maybe in C3-PO's voice, because that would be awesome) "FINISH YOUR PORN, BITCH!". I'm thinking the addition of some kind of Lost In Space type arm-flailing would also be very cool. 

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 Thank you very, very, very much to all who wished me a nice birthday!! (& apologies for being too lazy to reply to individuals)

It was indeed a nice birthday, with very nice food and nice beer. If anyone is ever in Amsterdam I heartily recommend 'Bolhoed' in the Jordaan - delicious veggi food.

* * *

I have bought a 'Watchmen' Rorschach figure and, as I gaze lovingly at it as it sits on the shelf next to my Connor, Ryan, FP!Dave, John Sheppard, Spike and Spider Jerusalem figures I have to face the fact that if the Sad-Geek Police ever come for me I will just have to hold out my wrists for the ('Law & Order', limited edition) cuffs because I have no defense. None.

The series 2 'Watchmen' figures are out March and I already have a Dr Manhattan one on reserve.

* * *

In other news: my arse hurts. And not in a good way.

Before anyone screams 'TMI!' let me add that icy cobbles + not-as-grippy-as-claimed shoes + gravity = a very unhappy coccyx. But I have Pocky sticks and coffee-flavoured coated peanuts to console me.
The peanuts are vaguely disgusting but also oddly addictive.
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Oh jeebus… *facepalm*
I had what I thought was the funniest idea this morning.
Doing a really cracky, CW-RPS version of ‘Geek Love’ by Katherine Dunn.

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God, thank you again to everyone for birthday wishes and commiserations on computer troubles but, really – never mind that, I've now read the porn comment thread extract that fred sent me and Oh. My. God.

Oliver Leek porn! Leek!porn was written!!! Aaaaaaaa-haaaaaa-haaaaaaa-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

You are sick. Sick and twisted. You need help.
I'm so proud to call you friends! *wipes away a tear*


I watched taped Jools Holland last night. I now want to read Radiohead bandslash with Tom York and the one with black hair and the weird jaw. 
You may understand this better if I explain that I want it in the same way that I wanted Primeval Oliver Leek!porn (ah-ha-ha! Still can't get over that!) or in the way that I read Top Gear slash. With huge amounts of self disgust and loathing, and a side order of 'Jesus Christ! My brain! It's burns! It burns like hygiene!'

(and none of you will get the 'hygiene' bit unless you've also seen this . Ah, SomethingPositive – amusing me and then squicking the shit out of me and making me choke on coffee since 2001. You really are much better drawn nowadays though)


And then I watched the original Batman and now I want to read Supernatural RPS AU slash casting Jared Padalecki as Batman and Jensen Ackles as Robin. Come on! It'd be funny!!

'Holy Padackle cakes Jared! This sex!pollen is making us – do – things to each other! Thank Damn that Eric Kripke Joker!'

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What is it about slash fiction that attracts me? Seriously.


Because, whilst I may be occasionally attracted to certain types of female – Zoe from Firefly and Willow from BtVS spring to mind – and might not be averse to experimentation if I didn’t have mr oddegg, I am, really, pretty heterosexual. Straight with a bit of a warp you might say.


So why does the idea of two guys together cream my pants? (and I realise this is probably far, FAR more information than you wanted).

Because I hardly read any het fic at all nowadays, it’s all guy-on-guy, and I’ve never even tried to write het. Also, if it’s possible within a fandom to have a slash pairing that just has that edge of wrong to it – Snarry for instance, or characters you wouldn’t really want to imagine naked, or real life pairings or my favourite yummy incest – then I am all over that like white on rice. Christ, one of my favourite recent fics was Supernatural’s Dean shagging his brother who was possessed by the spirit of their car!!

I have a much greater forbearance for the whole hetero-male lesbian fascination now. At least that’s fairly normal.




I have been watching Smallville (what?! Don’t look at me in that tone of voice) and though I’m valiantly resisting the urge to write Lex slash I have developed a fascination with Michael Rosenbaum (to go with my Chad Michael Murray obsession).


There’s just something about that upper lip scar that makes my mind go to nastybadwrong places. And I now have an idea for a Mike/Tom Welling PWP with Tom being a bit of a psycho. And I don’t want to write it ‘cos there’s the fun nastybadwrong place and there’s the disturbing, sociopathic nastybadwrong place and I have a feeling this one would fall on the ‘I like eating human eyeballs’ side of that line.

*looks sadly at brain*

I don’t like it when my mind goes to that place. 


Dec. 2nd, 2007 10:25 am
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Kinda couldn't sleep again, so...

I spent a good deal of the night bookmarking Chad Michael Murray slash fics.

Christ, I have no dignity left at ALL.


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