Jan. 1st, 2011 11:06 pm
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Did you know that 2011 - as well as being a prime number itself - is also the sum of 11 CONSECUTIVE prime numbers? 2011=157+163+167+173+179+181+191+193+197+199+211

Just wanted to share that bit of geekery with you all! :)

* * * 

And in other news, I got porn for xmas! YAY!!

TWO lots of porn, actually. My Yuletide gift was the rather yumsome 'The Kind That Talk The Loudest' by sunsetmog, which is from the Fast and Furious fandom and contains Brian and Dom finally scratching that sexual tension itch they've had going throughout the films! :D
It's lovely and hot and surprisingly sweet - and it contains rimming which I was very pleased about! I highly recommend having a read of it. *beams*

My Glee Puck/Kurt fic fest gift ALSO has rimming in it (Are my tastes that obvious? *g*). And - AND! - it has tattoo's and piercings and is amazingly sweet and 'awww' inducing as well as being very, very hot. It's called 'Teeth, Tongue and Tattoos' and as the reveal hasn't gone up for these fics yet I'm not sure who wrote it for me but I like them a whole lot! :D

* * *

As the Puckurt reveal isn't up I can't say which of those I wrote yet but my Yuletide fic - for anyone interested - was 'A Man's Best Friend is his Master of the Horse'.

It's based on a 1937 children's book called 'The Land of Green Ginger' by Noel Langley and as far as I can see from google I'm the first person ever to write fanfiction for it.

Not sure if I'm the best person to be a pioneer in the fandom but my recipient seemed to like it so I'm happy! :D
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Had a good discussion about 'Mad Men' with my feminist book (& other media) club tonight.

General agreement that it's hard to understand quite what the male/female dynamic was like back then - there's so many moments in the show where you just want to go 'WTF?' at people's attitudes. I've only watched the first two but am very keen to finish Series one. And then work my way through the rest!

It's so pleasant to watch a show that actually treats its audience as if they have, you know, brains and memories and the ability to see below the surface of actions and situations.

There was also general agreement that Joan is an impressive, magnificent goddess, though the group was split on whether they'd shag her or not. Some claimed that they'd be too scared and in awe. I fell into the 'but that's the attraction!' category :D

Most of us would do Don Draper as well.

* * *

So, I've done my usual and told someone in a comment chat that I'll totally be finishing that fic off this weekend! Yeah, they should look out for it!

Why do I have such an incredibly unrealistic mental view of my writing speed? Why do I say things like that when I know I've got... *looks at fic & does rough estimate* oooh, about 5,000 more words to write before this is done? 5,000 words of complete smut, which I know I find harder to write anyway?

And I've still got to do all the usual weekend stuff, and go to my bookgroup, and - oh yeah - I get distracted by writing about naked boys with snakes wrapped round them. :(
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...would an American teenager use the phrase 'brick it'? As in 'was very afraid to the point of shitting yourself'?

I dunno, it seems like a very British turn of phrase to me.

(this, for anyone interested, is related to the fact that I'm trying to finish off a sequel to one of my Glee fics. Also relevant to this is the fact that my Firefox tabs at the moment are full of information about anal beads, vibrators, lube and gay sex positions.) (That's the only reason those one's are open, I swear...)

* * *

Also, note to the (presumed) students downstairs:

Either choose some songs that are more compatible with my taste or learn some fucking chords!

Because having to listen to you mangle your way through the music, while you're singing death metal!?! - ...yeah. 'Torture' is too mild a word, dudes.

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 ...along with a horrible pun. Sorry - can never resist the puns.

Yeah, so - don't know if anyone on my flist is into Glee at all? If you are, I've done some stories for the [livejournal.com profile] puckurt  comm and one fill for the [livejournal.com profile] glee_angst_meme  that you might want to look at if you've nothing better to do. :)

(if you're not then fyi, Glee is light, silly tv about a high school singing club. It's ridiculous, it's nonsense, it's... addictive as hell. Run, damn-it! It's too late for me but you could still save yourself!)

I'll probably post these here properly at some point but I'm tired so I'll just link at the moment. Stories are:

The one where I break Kurt's arm, the rest of the club's heart's, and skirt dangerously close to melodrama - untitled fill for the angst meme

The one where I saw Puck's pool-cleaning/MILF seduction business described as 'one big cluster-fuck of statutory rape' and decided to muse on his psycho-sexual history. And Santana's, for some reason - Like a Virgin

The one where I had very little sleep and made everyone drag up because I wanted to see Puck in a dress - Drag Me To Your Level

The one where I kill someone, fuck up everyone else, and break everyone on [livejournal.com profile] puckurt  comm - Talk My Heart Away (and break me down) 

For the last one the only excuse I can offer is that it had been a 'nice warm bath with a side order of razor blade' kind of a week and I'd subconsciously decided to take it out on someone. I'm now writing about buttsex and evil cats, so I'm not sure if my mental wellbeing has improved or declined...


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