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Thoughts I am thinking:

  • I'm seeing [profile] spn_j2_bigbang pimped everywhere and I am getting more and more tempted to sign up. I have a  couple of J2 ideas and the glimmering and a half of some SPN ones, all of them AU.
  • regarding the above, I'm thinking I'm mad. (Your WIP list is now about 10ft long woman! Impulse control would be a pretty feckin GOOD IDEA right about now, hum?!)
  • I need to buy a router for the WIFI thingy.
  • random porny musing - actor who plays Oliver Leek in S2 Primeval was in Greenwing - Mac from Greenwing, mmmm - Torchwood should do something involving a hospital, then Mac can cameo and shag Captain Jack and/or Ianto!! But not Owen because his frog mouth freaks me out.
  • 1) I want to see Oliver Leek porn 2) My brain! it's broken... *is sad*
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What is it about slash fiction that attracts me? Seriously.


Because, whilst I may be occasionally attracted to certain types of female – Zoe from Firefly and Willow from BtVS spring to mind – and might not be averse to experimentation if I didn’t have mr oddegg, I am, really, pretty heterosexual. Straight with a bit of a warp you might say.


So why does the idea of two guys together cream my pants? (and I realise this is probably far, FAR more information than you wanted).

Because I hardly read any het fic at all nowadays, it’s all guy-on-guy, and I’ve never even tried to write het. Also, if it’s possible within a fandom to have a slash pairing that just has that edge of wrong to it – Snarry for instance, or characters you wouldn’t really want to imagine naked, or real life pairings or my favourite yummy incest – then I am all over that like white on rice. Christ, one of my favourite recent fics was Supernatural’s Dean shagging his brother who was possessed by the spirit of their car!!

I have a much greater forbearance for the whole hetero-male lesbian fascination now. At least that’s fairly normal.




I have been watching Smallville (what?! Don’t look at me in that tone of voice) and though I’m valiantly resisting the urge to write Lex slash I have developed a fascination with Michael Rosenbaum (to go with my Chad Michael Murray obsession).


There’s just something about that upper lip scar that makes my mind go to nastybadwrong places. And I now have an idea for a Mike/Tom Welling PWP with Tom being a bit of a psycho. And I don’t want to write it ‘cos there’s the fun nastybadwrong place and there’s the disturbing, sociopathic nastybadwrong place and I have a feeling this one would fall on the ‘I like eating human eyeballs’ side of that line.

*looks sadly at brain*

I don’t like it when my mind goes to that place. 

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Went to the coast today.

I love the sea.
And I love old, slightly shabby seaside resorts, especially out of season.

The beautiful curves and lines of 30’s buildings looking hunched and downtrodden in their grubby cream or white paint, and they now house caff’s run by worn-faced women who look out blankly at you over their domain of formica-topped tables and lonely slot machines, and who serve you your tea in thick brown glass mugs.
- Summer Holiday seen through a glass darkly.

I like beachcombing. Picking the best pebbles, the perfect tiny shells – though I prefer the broken ones; spirals of sacred geometry interrupted, pearlised pastel stripes torn through.
The ruin of it suits the surroundings, like the rotting seaweed, the half-decayed seagull above the tide-line.

Nothing should strive for perfection next to the totality of the sea. The competition is too unfair.
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There's a guy I see in town on my way to and from work who's got this whole, gothic David Carradine, laconic wild-west look going on. Frock coat, black preacher hat, waistcoat, bolo-tie - the whole nine yards. I swear I saw him with a watch-chain once.

He always looks like he's just stepped out of an episode of Deadwood, and the woman I see him with occasionally is the epitome of sexy fetish chic; all corseted waist-cinchers and rubber skirts.

I found out that he works in the Pringle jumper store. (and if you can't place the name here's a good example http://www.kitmeout.com/fashion/pringle_sweater.jpg)

I just love the juxtaposition.


Curveball is now up on eppescest and Numb3rs Don't Lie and, in relation to that last and the pimping of 'rounds of kink' LJ I'd just like to say to silentflux -

My god woman/man/other (delete as applicable), do you realise what you're doing to me!?!

That I read the Round Three prompt list and I now have seventeen different plot bunnies gnawing at my ankles?! One of which has in itself five different permutations?

I'm going to go mad.


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