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( Jan. 18th, 2008 03:15 pm)
A tv meme, ganked from [personal profile] poisontaster, who ganked it from [personal profile] killabeez. Done ‘cos I is bored.

meme )

And, in a completely random, blathering post -

I want to have Charlie Brooker's babies. Despite the hang-dog, 'I have spent too many hours watching x-factor and similar shows for you people and I'm ready to just shoot myself to get some relief' looks.

Screenwipe is the best f*cking thing on television BY FAR!

Being able to snicker at the moronic shit that gets pumped out by any producer with access to a media channel without having to expand the precious brain-cells in actually watching the crap?

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( Oct. 13th, 2007 11:00 pm)
O My God, OMG!

For any of you who see this in time, and have access to Ch4 - 'Beautiful Thing' is showing at 2.05am - WATCH IT! Set your video, your Tivo, whatever, just watch it!

The most brilliant, lovely, sweet gay teenage love film you will ever see. Seriously.
Well, I’ve just seen tonight’s Ch5 repeat episodes of NCIS and CIS (and I’ve got behind with my viewing, so sue me) and Christ, if these people don’t want us to porn their programmes why do they write them like that?
And we wont even speak of the Sony advert and the little multi-coloured plot-bunny look-a-like’s they’ve introduced…


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