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So, my major stressor of the past week is over and my mood has improved due to my carefully considered coping mechanisms of: a) Beer and b) reading huge amounts of slash fiction (Kirk/Spock from [livejournal.com profile] st_xi_kink   if you're interested)

Ahhhh, alcohol and porn. Is there nothing you can't solve?

(Well, DT's, liver failure and carpal tunnel syndrome from masturbating too much I suppose. But none of that lot is relevant to my interests. Yet)

* * *

Meanwhile, I have in my hand a piece of paper and - unlike Mr Chamberlain's - this is a good thing (and hopefully won't lead to WW3). This one means I am going to a Comic Day at Dundee on the 28th June!


I am very tempted to get one of these t-shirts for the occasion but I have a feeling that Mr Ellis may find it slightly disconcerting. (The comment is from a Topless Robot review of Warren's GI Joe cartoons btw)

* * *

I went to a cosmology lecture at the beginning of last week (and before all the stress - reasonably interesting but would have liked some more in depth info) and at one point as an illustration the lecturer showed two diagrams, one with dots scattered in a fairly even spread, one with less eveness and some dots huddled together. He then asked us which diagram was random and which showed evidence of grouping. Only about a quarter - including me - correctly thought the less even diagram was the random one.

The point of this rambling story ('there was a point?' 'yes, there was - shut up and let me get to it') is that I knew the answer not because I am a maths wizz but because I watch someone else play one on TV.

Yes - I got the answer right becuase Charlie did a similar demonstration in series 1 of 'Numb3rs'.

I can't quite decide if this comes under the relm of 'incredibly pathetic' or not (after all, the answer was right) but it is, at least, less disturbing than my being able to acurately tell the directionality of blood drop scatter on the pavement along Sauchiehall Street while walking home on a Friday night because of my 'CSI' obsession.


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God, thank you again to everyone for birthday wishes and commiserations on computer troubles but, really – never mind that, I've now read the porn comment thread extract that fred sent me and Oh. My. God.

Oliver Leek porn! Leek!porn was written!!! Aaaaaaaa-haaaaaa-haaaaaaa-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

You are sick. Sick and twisted. You need help.
I'm so proud to call you friends! *wipes away a tear*


I watched taped Jools Holland last night. I now want to read Radiohead bandslash with Tom York and the one with black hair and the weird jaw. 
You may understand this better if I explain that I want it in the same way that I wanted Primeval Oliver Leek!porn (ah-ha-ha! Still can't get over that!) or in the way that I read Top Gear slash. With huge amounts of self disgust and loathing, and a side order of 'Jesus Christ! My brain! It's burns! It burns like hygiene!'

(and none of you will get the 'hygiene' bit unless you've also seen this . Ah, SomethingPositive – amusing me and then squicking the shit out of me and making me choke on coffee since 2001. You really are much better drawn nowadays though)


And then I watched the original Batman and now I want to read Supernatural RPS AU slash casting Jared Padalecki as Batman and Jensen Ackles as Robin. Come on! It'd be funny!!

'Holy Padackle cakes Jared! This sex!pollen is making us – do – things to each other! Thank Damn that Eric Kripke Joker!'

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I am late with my fic. *sigh* I think I’m going to have to stop saying I’ll be posting stuff and just let it be a pleasant surprise when I actually manage get the frickin’ things finished.

But I am going to have something done by Monday, damn it! At least one more Primeval chapter once I’ve wrestled the characters into submission, hopefully with some smut this time – the sod’s are making eyes at each other but are being coy about getting nekkid.

I’m also going to get my cw_rps/bible character crack!fic finished, because I have a squee-tastic icon from felisblanco and mr_felisblanco that should really have something blasphemous to attach to for its first outing.

Mmmmm, sacrilicious



Just finished Warren Ellis’ graphic novel The Fall (still working on Crooked Little Vein – great so far!) and there’s a scene where a pathologist is eating his lunch over the body of the day. A piece of tomato falls out and into the Y section. He fishes it out and, despite the detective’s threat to shoot him –

He eats it.


Laughed so hard I nearly peed.


I think I might have a sick sense of humour.



I have to start actually bookmarking interesting posts when I see them rather than thinking ‘oo, that’s interesting. I will keep that somewhere safe’ and then instead of doing that RIGHT THERE AND THEN I do the internet equivalent of wandering off and finding yourself standing in front of a cupboard having completely forgotten what it was you were looking for and having to retrace your steps except that you forget where it was you were coming from and then you find yourself in front of a different cupboard having completely forgotten…

*deep breath* 

So now I’m looking randomly through my f-list for a post about Jared Padalecki and a race of giants. Mind like a steel sieve I tell you.


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So – I’ve not finished any more of the fics I’m working on, but looking at picspam ‘inspired’ me to put together this little tribute (e.g. – I was bored and this was a washing-up avoidance tactic).


I do love my web-comics, and one particular beauty is Chopping Block (www.choppingblock.org), the everyday life and times of Butch: Serial Killer.


I don’t know what it says about me that I like this sort of thing (ok, I do know what it says – and by the way you’re slowly backing away, gentle LJ reader, I can tell you do too), but what can I say?


Severed kitten heads make me smile.




Just a stray thought – but I hate Microsoft Word.

What is the point of having a ‘paste special’ facility if when you pick supposedly ‘formatted text’ it changes random sections to Times New Roman pt.12?


Anyhoo – here’s comicspam



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